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Definition of a Gerkoman
Gerkomania : A Disease of the Mind Inflicted by Greek Brutality on a Massive Scale

A bust of Alexander the Great donated by the Pan-Macedonian Hellenic Society of Toronto. This statue resides along Danforth Rd., originally settled by Macedonians in the late 1950s and early 1960s  
it is now home to the Greek community. The Pan-Macedonian society is the biggest organization of ethnic Macedonians posing as ethnic Greeks. Many of the top members, including past and current presidents, vice-presidents, secretaries, treasurers, etc. are ethnic Macedonians from Northern Greece (Aegean Macedonia) who call themselves Greek.  
One who refuses to accept his true Macedonian National Origins.  
A Macedonian who wants to be Greek.  
One who refuses to accept his true Macedonian National Origins.  
One who is ashamed of his background, the language he speaks.  
One who is afraid to call himself Macedonian  
A Gerkoman is a person who always refuses to accept arguments that prove without a doubt of his Macedonian identity.  
A Gerkoman is a person who always refuses to learn and accept his condition of what he is or who he is.  
A Gerkoman is a person who is lazy and ignorant and has no courage. He is also a coward.  
A Gerkoman is an individual who cooperates with the Greeks agains all Macedonians.  
A Gerkoman is a person who is suffering from self-inflicted national amnesia.  
A Gerkoman is an individual who has no respect for others, himself, or his heritage.  
A Gerkoman is a cancer within the Macedonian nationality, which stubbornly works to destroy everthing that is Macedonian.  
A Gerkoman is the #1 enemy to the Macedonian people.  
A Gerkoman is a liar because every time he utters the words, "I am Greek", he lies and he knows it.  
The Gerkoman always speaks in Macedonian at home. He listens to Greek music. He shops at Greek stores for the usual olives, halva and lukumia and always enjoys the conversation with tht Greek propriator.  
The Gerkoman attends the Greek church. He doesn't understand what the priest is saying, but that's okay for, whatever the priest is saying must be good. At funerals the Gerkoman always lements and cries in Macedonian.  
The Gerkoman is a person who lies to the Canadian census when the question, "What mother language is spoken at home?", he writes boldly Greek ,and he knows it's a lie.  
And from my own personal experiences :  
A Gerkoman is a person who speaks Macedonian at home, but goes to Greek church and gets married at a Greek church.  
A Gerkoman is a person who attends the Greek Rally in Ottawa Canada protesting the Republic of Macedonia's recognition by Canada, and speaks Macedonian on the 3 hour bus ride to Ottawa.  
A Gerkoman is a person who speaks among relatives and friends in the church in Macedonian, but as soon as the priest comes out they all speak Greek.  
A Gerkoman is a person who belongs to the Pan-Macedonian society.  
A Gerkoman is a person who calls himself Macedonian only when it is convenient.  
A Gerkoman is a person who always tells a Macedonian he/she should learn Greek.  
A Gerkoman always wears shirts with the Greek flag on it to convince HIMSELF and others that he is Greek.  
Web Administrator, Biser Balkanski  
The definitions described are true life experiences that confirm the existence of such Macedonians who are distinctively recognized.  
To the Greeks, the Gerkoman is an individual who promotes the interests of the Greeks and therefore, he is a good Greek.  
To the Macedonians, the Gerkoman is the enemy within, that has depleted the Macedonians in numbers. It has given the Greeks a legitimate tool to further assimilate and oppress the Macedonians, their language, culture, and history.  
A Gerkoman is a strange entity who wants to forget the past. He wants to forget his ancestors, of who they were, their culture, the language they spoke, the songs they sang, traditions, etc.  
A Gerkoman is a person who is afraid to speak the Macedonian language in front of the Greeks because he feels sub-human when asked by other Greeks from what area he is from, he mumbles, and swallows before he answers.  
A Gerkoman is a person who tries very hard to sound Greek. He sometimes uses long and complicated words to impress other Macedonians of his Greekness.  
A Gerkoman is always interested in Greek politics. Of course, this interest reinforces the idea of being a concerned Greek.  
A Gerkoman always blames the Macedonians for crimes committed in the civil war. He refuses the fact to acknowledge that his was the Greek civil war, not Macedonian. The blame should be put on the Greeks, not the Macedonians  
Ther Gerkoman always feels superior in comparison to other Macedonians, due to the fact that he is a Greek and they are somthing less than himself.  
The Macedonians know that the Gerkoman has been used as a vehicle to further Greek interests to completely inhialate the Macedonian from their own land. The Gerkoman is an individual who, from old hatreds against other Macedonians from emptiness, deprivation of culture, insecurity, fear, stupidity and ignorance has turned to the Greeks and continues to do so. He has been filled with Greek mythology and now believes he is a Greek, not realizing the void he is trying to fill was created by the same Greeks who continue to pour the Greek wine that keeps him intoxicated.  
Macedonian Brothers, if you renounce your Greekness then what will happen to you? You are afraid to let go the illusion of Hercules, Jason, the ancient Greeks, their history, the "doxa" and all that jazz, etc. Do not be afraid. We have our history, our culture, nationality, and nation. We have rights. We are not sub-humans as the Greeks want us to believe. We are Macedonians. We want to honour our heroes, our grandfathers, our people. The Macedonian landscape has been soaked with blood, sweat and tears from Macedonians, not Kolokotroni, Ypsilantis, or ?ouboulina.  
When someone declares he is a Macedonian, he makes a statement that he is a free man; a distinct individual who belongs and shares the Macedonian culture, language, faith, traditions, history, etc. When someone declares he is a Macedonian, he demands respect for himself and his family, his people, his country, etc.  
When someone declares he is a Macedonian, he develops and enriches his culture. He protects his faith and all rights that belong to the Macedonian nationality.  
When someone declares he is a Macedonian, he inherits the history, land, culture, traditions, language, arts, music, etc.  
When someone declares he is a Macedonian, he demands what is Macedonian.  
If you are a Gerkoman, in the process of declaring yourself a Macedonian with responsibilities to the Macedonian people and nation, to you, dear Brother, we apologize. This article is for those Gerkomani who continue to support the Greeks and their propaganda. These Gerkomani will die as Gerkomani. We say, "The hell with you, you were no good for Macedonia, you are no good to the Macedonian people." In the history of the Macedonian people you will be remembered as traitors, lackys to the Greeks : You were never Greek. You will never be Greek. You will die Gerkomani in shame.  
Accept yourself for who you are. If you desperately want to be Greek, analyze your desperation why, and be honest about it. All the people in this world do not choose their nationality. They are born into it. Answer this question : What is in the best interest of the Greeks? Is it the physical existence of the Slavophones (that's you) or the land you occupy?  



January 20, 2007
Reviewed by: George from Toronto
So what is a Bulgarian who doesn't want to admit he is "Macedonian" called or a Serb or an Albanian? It seems that you have names for everybody that you Slavs have stolen something from. I've read your so-called facts and no where do you mention that there was no "written" Macedonian language until after 1945 and how Stalin and Tito both conspired to carve out a nation in the middle of the Balkans for irredentist claims to Bulgarian and Greek territory. Also, no mention that the Slavs as a people only arrived in the Balkans around the 7th century AD, so how could they possibly be connected to Alexander? Every artifact ever uncovered in the region in regards to Alexander and his father King Philip is written in Greek. The problem with building an "identity" out of thin air is that there must be a huge propaganda machine in place to foster it and nobody was better at it than the communist regimes. Unfortunately, by showing maps of "Greater Macedonia" covering parts of Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Albania to young impressionable kids and instilling in them to hate Greeks and Bulgars, you have produced a modern version of haters who have no clue about factual history. You talk about the exiles from Greece, hey the communists almost succeeded in destroying Greece even more than the Germans already had. Would any self-respecting country want to keep people who fought for the other side around? Look inside your souls and admit your true origins please.

February 3, 2007
Reviewed by: nickos from Macedonia Greece
I am proud that greece threw out you vicious traitors during the civil war. You have no loyalty or ethos, by calling all these people who do not beleive i your propaganda Gerkoman you prove what kind of person you are. this website is a plethora of lies and deception, you cannot mask the truth and history, Vardaska is the real name of your country, your dialect is bulgarian, slavic speaking people migrated to the south balkans about 700 - 800 ad Alexander the great was conquering countrys around 260 bc, simple question how the hell do you make up for allmost a 950 year gap. all ancient artifacts that are being dug up have ancient greek on them even the coins you have on this website have greek lettering on them, what is the matter with you people.

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