G SNP Project

November 17, 2006

The G SNP Project was initiated in the summer of 2006 to investigate a group of YSNPs that seemed to be specific to Y haplogroup G. These candidate G SNPs had been identified through analysis of YSNPs in the NCBI database dbSNP. In August and September 50+ DNA sample donors were recruited from men listed in public genetic genealogy databases as members of Y haplogroup G. Selection of recruits was based on assembling as diverse a group of G haplotypes as possible. Volunteers were mailed DNA collection kits containing buccal swabs which they used and mailed back for analysis. (Sorry! - no more volunteers are being recruited at this time).

In Phase I of this study the 50+ donor chromosomes were used as a test population for 18 candidate G SNPs. Testing in October 2006 found 11 of the 18 candidate SNPs among the G samples. The positions of the 11 new G SNPs in the G tree are shown in the diagram below. Five candidate G SNPs were not seen in any of the samples, and two candidate SNPs are still undergoing primer development.

Phase II of the project will investigate an additional 17 candidate G SNPs (U19 through U35). Testing of these 17 candidate SNPs in the G samples is expected to be completed sometime after the first of the year.

Please direct any questions about this project to Dennis Garvey.
Email: garvey[at]gonzaga.edu

Click here to see the G tree without the new G SNPs.

The G SNP Project is a collaboration between the laboratory of Jack Ballantyne at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, and Dennis Garvey at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.