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Welcome to St Clare’s College Waverley…maybe this is your first visit or maybe you have visited us before. Whichever is true – you will find something to notice, something to appreciate. On behalf of the College Community, I invite you to journey into the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney to discover why St Clare’s College is so unique.


In response to the introduction of the Public Instruction Act which saw the withdrawal of funding from Church Schools, six Poor Clare Sisters in 1883 travelled by sea from Northern Ireland to lay the foundation and begin building for the future in educating young ladies in the area ‘south of Sydney Harbour’. And so, in 1884 a “quiet revolution” in education emerged giving birth to St Clare’s College as we know it today. St Clare’s College is unique in that it remains established on the same site and continues under the governance of the Poor Clare Sisters entrusted to St Clare’s College Limited.


That pervasive atmosphere of the Franciscan spirit as witnessed particularly by St Clare of Assisi, charges Staff members with the responsibility to increase the academic rigour and excellence of curriculum, to infuse co-curricular activities and community outreach into the curriculum and to identify appropriate learning outcomes.  Thus empowered, the teaching staff, I believe, is central to the educational mission of St Clare’s College. They are called by God to interact with our young ladies on a daily basis, sharing with them their knowledge in specific key learning areas, serving as mentors and role models, and assisting them with their personal maturity and spiritual formation. St Clare’s College Community is blessed to have a core of dedicated and competent teachers.


The heart of the College holds the spirit of mutual respect and love as modeled by St Clare of Assisi creating an atmosphere of community and enabling our young ladies to develop a sense of strong community relationships, concern for the marginalized, peaceful resolution of conflict, respect for the environment and dedication to Christ in the Church. These various situations equip our young ladies with lifelong learning skills enabling them to meet the challenges of the twenty first century with personal responsibility inspiring an enjoyment of learning which reflects their potential.


Education at St Clare’s College has a long history of regularly adopting teaching pedagogy which is supported by constantly improving facilities offered to all within the College. The new Barbara Dell Library with its mezzanine senior study area, along with the new Science Laboratories, the Food Technology and Hospitality areas, use of Smart Board interactive whiteboards and laptop computers enhance the existing facilities offered at the College.


St Clare’s College in valuing knowledge, integrity and community in the Franciscan Tradition, equips each young lady to continue her life’s journey so that she

“may go forward securely, joyfully and swiftly

on the path of prudent happiness”

First Letter of St Clare to St Agnes of Prague

 Sr Louise Hume osc

Acting Principal