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The Flux brings you student films and independent films, focusing on short films from some of the most creative student and independent filmmakers today.

If you're creating student films, we'd love to have your films on the site. If you're an independent filmaker creating short films, come join our filmmaking community. Look around and tell us what you think. Your input will make the fastest growing site for short films even better.

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Can't get enough of The Flux? Well now there's more, you lucky dog. Introducing Radio is our weekly 20 minute audio show (ok, you can call it a podcast) covering film/tv/web production, pop culture, and technology. Special guests, the DVD pick of the week…why it's enough to make you wonder how we pack it in to (usually)20 minutes. iTunes users, Click here to subscribe using iTunes.

Episode 31 :: Mike Nelson of MST3K Fame

September 27, 2006 :: The former host and head writer of the cult TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" introduces us to his newest project,

the info

  • Mike Nelson has been busy since the end of "MST3K" in 1999. He tells us about his adventures in writing his first novel, some not-so-successful TV pilots, and his latest venture,
    Rifftrax syncs up with a user-provided DVD, to create a riff style soundtrack that is reminiscent of MST3K. Former writers and performers of the show, like Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett contribute to the tracks as well making it a "reunion" of sorts.


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