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Coby: An Ever-thriving AV Giant

Having been manufacturing a complete line of quality consumer electronics products for more than 10 years, Coby Electronics Corporation is currently engaging in manufacture and distribution of DVD/MP3/CD players, cassette players, headphones, earphones, mini-speakers, telephones, clock radios, and recorders amongst others by making steady and innovative efforts in R&D, production and sale. Now, it has risen through the ranks of the consumer electronics industry.

Coby Electronics Corporation, initially founded in 1994, is a hi-tech enterprise focused on offering innovative, feature-rich products and solutions. With the joint efforts of Coby Electronics Co. of Hong Kong, and Coby Electronics Corp. of USA, the products have reached the hands of people in Asia, North America, South America and Europe. Via its international networking, Coby brand has become well known and competitive in all parts of the world.

Taking Pride in Flouring International Market

Located in Foshan, Star City of Pearl River area, the company is close to major industrial cities such as Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Macau and Hong Kong. This convenient location allows for efficient and practical transportation via marine, land and air. For years, the company is working diligently to introduce brand new technologies and products designed to enhance the quality of life.

As introduced, the main market for Coby products is located in the USA, EU, Korea, the Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Australia, in which the USA takes 70% of the total and EU covers 15%, while the market share of the rest is also 15%. Currently the sales volume in the oversea market is getting steadily and rapidly increasing, with a speed of 30%-50% per year.

Coby Our facility in Foshan occupies over 10,000 square meters and over 3,000 employees. In addition, it also occupies a team of Research & Design, distribution and marketing in the city of Shenzhen. With such endowment, Coby will continue to establish new distribution channels and deliver new products that validate its brand. Coby's promise has always been "take what's possible through hard work and innovation and apply them towards delivering practical products and solutions".

Deep Understanding of Customers

The technology innovation of the company is based on deep understanding of consumers and product needs. Coby is endowed with the ability to make "connections" between consumers' wants and what technology can deliver. With the understanding of customers' needs and desires, Coby has developed a strategy of maintaining the lowest cost structure in the industry without sacrificing the quality of the products.

One uncompromising goal of Coby is to deliver maximum value to its customers who purchase and make Coby's products part of their daily lives. To achieve this goal, Coby's in-house Art & Design department focuses on producing industry-leading designs for products and packaging. Then its in-house Research & Development department incorporates these designs with innovative technologies to produce great looking and great performing consumer electronics products. The Sales & Marketing department finds the most cost-effective ways to get these innovative products in the hands of its valued customers, delivering maximum value to all who purchase Coby's products. Within the past decade, Coby's team of inventors, engineers and designers has earned a number of U.S. patents and design awards, with several additional patents pending.

Outstanding Competitive Edges

It is said that Coby has implemented a computerized system covering company running from engineering, purchase, production, inventory, quality assurance, sales, shipment to finance & account as well we human resource management. With art and packaging design completed in NY to achieve novel and sharp audio products, the company utilizes the latest advanced equipment for Research & Design, testing and assembly to produce the highest quality products in the most efficient manner. As introduced, the Slogan of the company lies in 3 aspects, namely, "Global Brand & Product Awareness, Innovative Product Design and Technology, Best Quality Customer Service". Besides, full staff of in-house R&D, design, production and marketing team enables Coby to meet the ever-changing needs of this high technology industry.

As far as its marketing strength is concerned, Coby pays lots of attention to the chic designs, popular goods with top quality, remarkable customer services, rich experience in OEM as well as reasonable price. According to the company authority, 3 stuffs constitute the main reason why international buyers are fond of Coby brand products: 1). Products. The company's products are in accordance with the main stream of the AV market; 2). Quality. Coby strictly obeys the requirement of 5S management and has obtained FCC, UL, ETL, CE (EMC/LVD) and etc; 3). Service. Professional services are offered from R&D, making orders to delivering and post-sale service.

Compared with its competitors in the overseas market, like Malata and Shinco, Coby's superiorities lie in the below aspects: 1). Brand strength. It owns great brand recognition overseas, especially in America; 2). Products appearance designs. Its designs tally with the trends of the world; 3). OEM experience. It has abundant experience in OEM with many famous international buyers, such as WAR-MARK, DOLLARE GENERAL, AUCHAN, ALBA and so on.

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