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January 8, 2007

Towers form centerpiece of "The Lagoons" Central Business District

ATLANTA - January 8, 2007 -- TVS revealed today its design for the landmark "Dubai Towers - Dubai," the
centerpiece for "The Lagoons," a new urban development in Dubai, UAE. Both the towers and the master planned
development, also designed by TVS, are projects being developed by Sama Dubai, the international real estate
development and investment arm of Dubai Holding. The four towers, ranging from 54 to 97 floors, are clustered to form
a choreographed sculpture, representing the movement of candlelight.

The dramatic Dubai Towers - Dubai, visible from extended distances, will combine in form to represent the future of
Dubai and its evolutionary and innovative achievements. The architectural expressions are guided by a sophisticated
aesthetic along with structural and engineering innovations unmatched by any modern structure. The buildings will serve
residential, commercial, retail and hospitality purposes.

"The Dubai Towers - Dubai is a response to the regional desire for cutting edge designs, serving both form and
function," said Behr Champana, Vice President, TVS International. "We are delighted to have been given the unique
opportunity to work with Sama Dubai on this creative and inspired project. The Lagoons presents an ideal backdrop that
both contrasts and accentuates the towers’ structures and we are confident that the Dubai Towers - Dubai will serve as
a fitting showcase of what is sure to become a landmark development for the UAE."

In addition to their bold architecture and prime location, the ‘Dubai Towers - Dubai’ will be characterized by a range of
additional facilities including retail, restaurants, entertainment, health spas, gymnasiums, a hotel and residential apartments
that merge to create a vibrant, dynamic community. The estimated completion date for the ‘Dubai Towers - Dubai’
complex is mid 2010.

Farhan Faradooni, CEO Sama Dubai, said, "With the design of ‘Dubai Towers - Dubai, TVS has managed to
encapsulate our company’s global vision and commitment with an exceptional design concept that epitomizes Dubai’s
evolutionary real estate achievements. Symbolizing hope, growth, harmony and opportunity, 'Dubai Towers - Dubai'
represent a unique investment opportunity for those seeking a corporate lifestyle experience, combined with peace and
tranquility in the seven beautifully landscaped islands of "The Lagoons."

Sama Dubai’s ‘The Lagoons’ development at Dubai Creek is strategically located in the heart of Dubai. Covering an area
of 70 million square feet with over 40 kilometers of waterfront land, ‘The Lagoons’ centers on concepts of environment,
conservation parkland and open spaces. The island community is located next to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary and
is one of the first projects in Dubai undergoing an Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) following
international standards across all phases of the project. The development will comprise of residential units, shopping
centers, office buildings, and marinas, enhancing Dubai’s position as an international destination. Culture will also be a big
focus with the construction of a planetarium, museum, art center, theatre and the city's first opera house. Construction on
the $18 billion project began in April of 2006.

Dubai is the second largest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dhabi and is located on the Arabian Gulf,
southwest of Sharjah and northeast of Abu
Dhabi. A significant player in the global economy, Dubai has been a pioneer in the growth of the United Arab Emirates.
Its strategic location at the crossroads of trade and commerce between the East and West, progressive governance, liberal
policies, business-friendly regulations and a highly favorable customs framework have played a key role in attracting
investment from all over the world in practically every sphere of economic activity. Its has a diverse economy, almost
94% of which stems from GDP non-oil products, with a GDP of over $30 billion and a growth of 12% CAGR in just
four years. All in all, Dubai provides a vibrant cosmopolitan environment that fosters growth and has become an icon for
21st century living.
Dubai's success story as a world leader in enterprise and innovation has earned the city international accolades and
established it as a leading commercial, trading and tourism hub. Landmark projects have confirmed Dubai as a dynamic,
business-friendly Emirate with an outstanding track record of executing major projects.

About TVS
TVS is a leading international design firm with more than 35 years of experience in planning, architecture and interior
design. With offices in Atlanta, Chicago and Dubai, the firm’s unique collaboration expertise produces inspired designs for
a wide variety of clients. TVS is known as experts in the design of convention centers, including the newly designed
China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. The firm is also actively involved in designs of office workplace
environments, including the Vision Tower at Business Bay in Dubai, and public assembly space, including the worldrenowned
Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. In addition, TVS offers services to the retail, hospitality,
education and entertainment markets and is widely recognized for its award-winning interior design work. Recently, TVS
has been involved in projects in China, Lebanon, Oman, Libya, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, India, Chile and the
United Arab Emirates

About Sama Dubai
Sama Dubai is a private company wholly owned by Dubai Holding. The international real estate investment and
development company focuses on leveraging synergies across international, regional and local real estate sectors. Its aim
is the creation of a world class portfolio of partners, properties and investments which distinguish it as a market leader.
Sama Dubai is active across several segments of the real estate development sector including tower buildings (under the
‘Dubai Towers’ brand), large scale resorts (under the ‘Salam’ brand), business developments, mega malls and more.

Sama Dubai’s existing projects are:
· Dubai Towers – Doha, Qatar
· Dubai Towers – Istanbul, Turkey
· Dubai Towers – Dubai, UAE
· Dubai Towers – Casablanca, Morocco
· Amwaj – Rabat, Morocco
· Salam, Beach Resort & Spa – Bahrain
· Salam Mountain Beach Resort & Spa – Yiti, Oman
· Marina de Casablanca, Morocco
· The Lagoons – Dubai, UAE

About ‘The Lagoons
Sama Dubai’s ‘The Lagoons’ development is located in the heart of Dubai. Spread over an area of 70 million sq. ft it
will feature seven beautifully landscaped islands, comprising of residential units, shopping centres, office buildings, and
marinas. The Lagoons will enhance Dubai’s position as an international destination with its cultural attractions, including a
theatre, museum, arts center and Dubai's only Opera House.
Regional corporations and multi-nationals can establish their headquarters in the Central Business District (CBD). ‘The
Lagoons’ will offer freehold property with 100 per cent ownership to all nationalities. Half of the project will be sold to
third party investors and the remaining 50 per cent of the area will be developed, marketed and operated by Sama Dubai.
Sama Dubai has committed to undertake comprehensive Integrated Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), following
international standards, across all phases of ‘The Lagoons’ project.