Arabic Waldorf Teaching Training

In 2002 Kibbutz Harduf started the first Waldorf Teacher Seminar for Arabic speaking students. 10 women enrolled for the first class of this pioneering project. In 2003 Harduf opened another class with 15 additional students, this time men and women, some of Christian, others of Moslem, and some of Bedouin origin. Some of the students are experienced teachers and others have no previous teaching experience and they mostly come from the Arab settlements - villages and towns - in the surroundings of Kibbutz Harduf: Caabiye, Sawayed Chmire, Caucab, Shfaram, and from the larger and mixed cities of Nazareth and Haifa.

The decision to establish a special seminar for Arabic speaking students stemmed from the different cultural background of the students. One of the objectives of the seminar is to facilitate a process of understanding and awareness of the traditional values of the Arab community and their integration with the principles and ideas of Waldorf education.

Most of the Arab student-teachers come from families of limited economic capacities and so Harduf decided to cut the costs commonly charged in the seminar by half. The rest of the seminar's budget was financed by little contributions from individuals collected abroad in Europe. The teachers in the seminar, agreed to cut their salaries by half or even more in some cases. Other teachers work for the initiative on a voluntary basis.

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