Whereas: The Council of the City of New York is pleased and proud to honor Hydra Ventures for its dedication and hard-work in the staging of "SILKROAD 2003"; and

WHEREAS: New York City is considered the cultural capitol of the world, and for good reason: we have embraced and absorbed the influences of numerous cultures and are a broad channel through which creative currents flow and surge; and

WHEREAS: Hydra Ventures understands the need to preserve and promote artistic expression and has become one of our City’s most important cultural benefactors; and

WHEREAS: This New York City Based company is staging SILKROAD 2003, a rare and historical Chinese theater production taking place at the renowned Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center; and

WHEREAS: Starring in SILKROAD 2003 is Maestro Bao-Chun Li, whose mastery of the most important performance elements in Chinese Opera -singing, dancing, acrobatics and acting- have contributed to his reputation as the pre-eminent star of this classical art form; and

WHEREAS: In being the unofficial start to a month-long series of Chinese cultural celebrations in our City, SILKROAD 2003 will open the artistic heritage of China to greater expressions of cultural educational significance; and

WHEREAS: Today, we salute Hydra Ventures for its commitment to the Arts and for making SILKROAD 2003 a reality. It has enriched our City with its contributions and is worthy of the esteem of all New Yorkers; now, therefore

BE IT KNOWN: That the Council of the City of New York most gratefully honors


For the important contributions it has made to the cultural life of our City.

  Signed this 5th day of September in the Year Two Thousand and Three.

Council Member, 20th District