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September 19, 2007

Coeur d'Alene Word/Phrase of the Week:


'to hear'


Use it in sentence:


hnt'ine' khwe hnttsaqine'n. ln 'I hear with my ear.'



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chu'lnpu'silgwes e sq'welpn (Holidays in September)


September 3rd : Labor Day ~ le(wmntsut km 'Day for recreation'
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September 28 : National Indian Day ~ schint khwe'pł atchsetq'it km 'Day just for Indian people'
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(Holiday(s) ~ chu'lnpu'silgwes km   'We remember something/someone again' )


Today's Date:



aspa fa

aaqhi' mil

la'qhw ln


chdi'k'w rb

asasq'it sc

cha'łasq'it dm

tselchsq'it jeh



17 jeh

18 js

19 km

20 lcs

21 ln


2007 km




English Translations:

The emphasis in a Coeur d'Alene word is indicated by an underlined letter.
Initials after a word indicate the person pronouncing it and Credits are at bottom of page.
Listen to a pronunciation by clicking on the word itself if it is in red and on the icons that follow.
  • Wednesday
' Third Day '
uLcha'Lasq'it  -JS  uLcha'Lasq'it  -JM  uLcha'Lasq'it  -JEH
cha'Lasq'it  -KM  cha'Lasq'it  -LN  cha'Lasq'it  -SC

   September 19

  'Dried salmon'
sch'lwis  -RC  sch'lwis  -JEH  sch'lwis  -RB

  ' Ten & Nine '
ln  sc  jeh

  'Two Thousands & Seven'
2007 -KM  2007 -JEH  

aspa rb
    aspa  -JM  aspa  -LN aspa  -MIL
aaqhi' -LN  aaqhi' -MIL  aaqhi' -FAb
aaqhi'wL -JEH  aaqhi'wL -KM  aaqhi'wL -LNb

    ala'qhw -LN  
la'qhw jeh
la'qhw -JM  la'qhw -LN  

   Coeur d'Alene Language
    aspa -RB

  'We remember something/someone again'

   Language Center
  'Place for language'
hnqwa'qwe'eln -JEH  hnqwa'qwe'eln -JM  

   Thank you
lim lemtsh -LF  lim lemtsh -FA  lim lemtsh -LN

   to Hear
ttsaqine'  - LNb  ttsaqine'  - LNc
  as in: "I hear with my ear . "
  'My ear is that which I hear with.'






A u d i o   P r o n u n c i at i o n s :


Elder Consultants:
LA: Lovinia Alexander FA: Felix AripaLF: Lavinia Felsman
MIL: Irene Lowley LN: Lawrence Nicodemus

hnqwa'qwe'eln Staff:
RB: Raymond Brinkman JEH: Jennifer Hale
JM: Jessica Matheson KM: Kim Matheson

Other Tribal Members and Learners of The Language:
SC: Sarah CarilloRC: Roseanna Choisser
MLC Michelle ClarkCCC: Cecilia Curtis SLC: Shelley Little Crow
DM: Donna Matheson
JS: Jeanine Seyler LCS: Leanne SiJohn LS: Laura Stensgar


'Thank you!'


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