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19 - 22 October 2007
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New channel to become home for Bartlet this Autumn
West Wing © Channel 4
Leading on More4
The extremely well-regarded American presidential drama series The West Wing is to have a new home this Autumn, when it is given a peaktime place on Channel 4's forthcoming digital channel More4.

Head of More4, Peter Dale said the show would be on the frontline when the new channel launches in October. The series has previously been part of the E4 line-up, with a recent attempt to find it a terrestrial audience via a Friday early evening slot on Channel 4. This followed on from a fairly disastrous attempt the previous year in a Saturday evening primetime slot on the same channel.

Dale unveiled the acquisition along with other details of More4's planned line-up. The channel is aiming at the poorly-served over-35s audience, with a diet of mainly factually-based programming. It will have a budget of £30 million, and is also intending to have a regular live show in the mould of Channel 4's notorious late night discussion series, After Dark.

More4 will also look to stage a monthly event or season, hoping to become the sort of 'appointment to view' television that gets its audience talking about it at the office or pub. A daily news programme format will look to add extra background to the main stories of the day. Documentaries will be a staple diet of the schedule, as well as repeats of Channel 4 shows such as Dispatches, Brat Camp, and Body Shock. Whether this is the sort of programming that the over-35s long for remains to be seen!

Dale is particularly targeting Freeview homes, and expects by this time next year some eight million receiver boxes will have been sold - currently the figure stands at around five million.

News Item Added: 10-04-2005

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