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ÝSKÝ – the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration – which was initially set up in 1981 with the adoption of Law No. 2560 and was under the control of the Governor’s Office, was transferred to the control of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality under the terms of Law No: 3009 in 1984. The services provided by the General Directorate of ÝSKÝ were confined to areas within the area served by the Metropolitan Municipality.

However, as some of the water resources used by the city were outside the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality, the area for which ÝSKÝ was responsible was extended with a Decision of the Council of Ministers so as to include the Darýca Rural District of Kocaeli province and the Orhanlý Rural District in the east, the Þile district of Istanbul province in the north, Büyükçekmece and Çatalca in the west, and the Istranca Streams in the north-west.

ÝSKÝ’s present number of clerical and manual employees is 6829. ÝSKÝ is a public corporation with its own independent budget, attached to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The Duties and Authorities of ÝSKÝ are as follows:

- To manage all types of groundwater and especially surface water resources to provide a drinking and domestic water supply and to distribute this water to demand centres. To set up facilities, carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs. Thus, these services cover every stage of the supply and distribution processes from source to customer.

- To collect wastewater and stormwater and remove these from centres of habitation; to ensure that they reach the point of discharge without causing harm or nuisance, or in cases where such water will be used, to prepare pilot studies or projects for this purpose or have them prepared.

- To prevent the pollution of water sources in the region, of the banks and shores of seas, lakes, rivers, streams and of groundwater with wastewater or industrial waste; to prevent activities that would lead to loss or reduction of water in these sources and in this respect to resort to the necessary technical, administrative and legal measures.

- To ensure that the borough and district councils inside the municipal boundaries carry out their duties as far as water and sewerage services are concerned and to make use of its authority in this respect.

- To purchase and sell real estate and moveable assets, to let, rent, or sell vehicles and other equipment that are no longer of any real economic value, to set up and operate plants directly related to ÝSKÝ’s activities, either directly or in conjunction with other public or private sector organisations.

- To work in accordance with the Articles of Association and if necessary to expropriate real estate of any kind or to acquire an easement for use.


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