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KSPS Tower Update



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We are continuing to assess the damage and investigate the cause of the antenna and tower collapse on Krell Hill that occurred at 2:50am on November 29, 2006. Approximately 200 feet or 1/3 of the complete structure fell to the ground with minimal damage to the surrounding towers and transmitter.

At this point our main objective is to secure the remaining tower structure. A metallurgist and engineering crew will be at the tower and transmitter site this afternoon to further investigate the cause of the collapse and either reinforce the remaining structure or remove the tower completely.

We estimate that our signal is not available to approximately 25,000 viewers who regularly receive our broadcast "off-air" or use an antenna without cable or satellite systems.

We are grateful for the offers of assistance within the Spokane broadcast community and our incredible membership. Be assured we are working diligently to restore our signal and determining a timeframe for reconstruction.

We will update this site with more information as it becomes available.