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Beware of Lukashism!

Here is a snatch from the interview with one militia officer from Vitebsk.

I was standing on the stop waiting for the bus N18 to come. Suddenly I saw a young man with a gammadion on his sleeve and a badge with the similar image. Nearby I noticed a militia major. I was just shocked and I drew his attention to that young man but there was no reaction. It was simply beyond my comprehension - how could it be! No doubt this that dereliction of duties is to be fulminated. But one should assess every situation specifically. If a person is involved in propaganda activity and distributing pro-fascist paraphernalia and symbols then he can be called to the administrative account. But in this case it is the problem of a moral, educational aspect rather than a legal one. - Valery Stepanovich, we would like to draw your attention to the following problem: the entire city is dappled with graffiti made by hooligans who call themselves a youth organization "ZUBR". Walls of the buildings, fences, they had no mercy even to the amphitheatre. What methods you could user to combat them?

- This "painters" should be called to account for hooliganism. The article 156 of the Administrative infringements Code stipulates for the fine up to 2 minimal salaries or correctional work up to 2 months with a 20% wages deduction. And if following the circumstances of the case and the personality of a lawbreaker taking his measures is considered insufficient, then he will be taken into custody for 15 days. There is also criminal amenability for this infringement. For those ones who are deliberately marring building facades with graffiti, in Minsk there has recently been implemented such a preventive punishment as arrest. We ordered all the patrol and sentry units, divisional militia officers and commissions on the cases of underaged to be more cautious about those facts. Recently in Pervomaysky region of Minsk 6 youngsters have been apprehended (in Oktyabrsky - 3).

Their cases are now being investigated.

Newspaper "Vitebsk citizens", May, 2001 Archive

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