Douglas Furs
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About Us

Like fur, leather and cashmere are also at the center of a fashion boom and are well represented at Douglas Furs. Choose from our extensive collection ranging from full-length and sportier leather coats for men and women to the finest Italian cashmere or Blackglama mink. Consider bringing in an older coat for our master furrier to re-style or re-size. Our vast inventory has something for everyone: from petite to full-figure. Our collection also features the latest furs for men. As always, Douglas Furs offers you the best quality garments for the best price!

Our History

The year was 1935. People were still dancing the Charleston, FDR was president, and Ben Douglas, Sr. had just won the first of three terms as mayor of Charlotte at the age of 40. He pushed for funding our city's first municipal airport, doubled the size of Charlotte's water system, was instrumental in founding Charlotte Memorial Hospital, and campaigned tirelessly to build a main thoroughfare into town, an idea that was bitterly opposed. Several years later, as war raged in Europe, personal friend FDR asked Ben a favor: Roosevelt knew that the industrious Charlotte mayor also owned a dry cleaning business. Could Ben find a way to clean the fleece-lined and fur-trimmed flier's jackets? Ben got to work, His ingenuity and determination not only solved the jacket cleaning problem, but it also was the birth of Douglas Furs in 1946.

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