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LICENGINEERING A/S was, as part of the Øresund Link Consultants (ØLC) in joint venture with Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI), on the wining team on the design and concept competition and has participated in the following projects:

Øresund Fixed Link With DHI and ØLC1)
  • Conceptual design.
  • Illustrative design, planning of execution.
  • Supervision of marine works, dredging and reclamation.
  • Use of dredged moraine clay and limestone in high safety class earth works.
  • Geotechnical appraisal on earth pressure, settlements and bearing capacity.
  • Design of ship protection works.
Øresund Fixed Link in DHI/LIC3) joint venture Coast-to-Coast Project With DHI and ØLC1)
  • Preparation of enquiry documents and authority approval.
  • House consultants for Øresunds-konsortiet
Kastrup Halvø in HLD2) joint venture
  • Design of Kastrup Halvø perimeter.
  • Use of moraine clay in high safety class structures.
  • Geotechnical appraisals of bearing capacity.
  • In-situ test.
  Arial photo of the artificial island Peberholm forming the connection between the bridge and tunnel part of the fixed link. Photo courtesy of Øresundskonsortiet.

1)  The Øresund Link Consultants (ØLC) consists of Rambøll, Halcrow, Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC), and LICENGINEERING A/S.
2)  The HLD Joint Venture consists of Hostrup-Schultz & Sørensen A/S, LICENGINEERING A/S, and Danish Hydraulic Institute.
3)  The DHI/LIC Joint Venture consists of Danish Hydraulic Institute and LICENGINEERING A/S.


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