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Southwest Writers
NBC Tonight Show Headliner

Feb. 2007: Southwest Writers made Jay Leno's Tonight Show Headlines: Under the Sheets at the New Life Presbyterian Church, an ad for an Erotic Writing Workshop at their Albuquerque meeting place. Fellowship, classes, critique groups and more great bennies accrue to its 600+ members. Check it out!

Letters to LiveWire
GEnie LiveWire May 1995

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Letters to LiveWire

Dear L2L:

I'd like to know how to find the stuff I'm interested in at different places around GEnie. Is there anywhere I can go that will list things topically? I can't believe everything I would find interesting about a topic would be in just one RoundTable.

I really want to find out something about the latest Sharon Stone movie (in fact, I'd like to find out about Sharon Stone). How can I do that?

In Search of...

Dear In Search of...:

GEnie has something better than just a topical listing. It's called the Index, and it can search the entire system on your behalf.

At any GEnie prompt, enter M15 or the keyword INDEX. The menu will look like this:

GEnie INDEX Page 15
Index of Products & Services

1. Short description in page # order
2. Short desc. in alphabetical order
3. Long description in page # order
4. Long desc. in alphabetical order
5. Keyword Search for Products

P 15?

If you want a quick list of all the services offered on GEnie, start a capture file (a different procedure for each communication program), and choose option 2 (as option 1 gives the same list in a different order). For a complete description of every product, choose option 4.

Option 5 searches through that long description file for you, so you don't have to capture the whole thing. For instance, if you want to find out something about the movies, choose option 5, and at the prompt enter MOVIES as a search term, like this:
Enter Search Term, (L)ist Terms, or

GEnie Products

1. ODMR Capsule Reviews
2. CINEMAN Entertainment Information
3. Comics RoundTable
4. Dialog Database Center
5. Entertainment Weekly
6. Leisure Pursuits & Hobbies
7. The Music RoundTable
8. Entertainment Works
9. NBC Online RoundTable
10. Rainbo Electronic Reviews
11. ShowBizQuiz(tm)
12. Second Science Fiction & Fantasy RT
13. Third Science Fiction & Fantasy RT
14. Show Biz RoundTable

Enter #, or (P)revious?

Whoa! Movie gold! You can look at them one at a time. Here are a few of the items on the list:

Product : CINEMAN Entertainment Info
Keyword : CINEMAN
Page # : 330
GEnie$Premium : NO
Description: CINEMAN Entertainment News is a source
of reviews and information on current movies and
home videos. CINEMAN Syndicate provides capsule
movie reviews of the latest films released to movie
theaters. CINEMAN critics cover new movies at
screenings -- primarily in New York City. We have
been providing movie reviews and other information
about motion pictures for over 19 years....

Product : Rainbo Electronic Reviews
Keyword : RAINBO
Page # : 325
GEnie$Premium : NO
Description: Rainbo Electronic Reviews cover popular
books, books for children, cookbooks, computer books
and software, books on audio cassettes and video
cassettes. Our monthly reviews are light and

Product : Show Biz RoundTable
Keyword : SHOWBIZ
Page # : 185
GEnie$Premium : NO
Description: There's no business like show business
-- or so Irving Berlin claimed. This RoundTable is
devoted to every area of the business there is no
business like. You'll find sections devoted to
movies by individual title, to movies by
genre/star/history, and to television by title and
by genre/star/history. We also have two areas
devoted to the more-or-less legitimate stage, a
category on home entertainment technology, and
others. You're invited to check out all of these.

Lots of useful info there. You could move directly to the product if you wanted by simply answering Y, or continue through the list as I did by answering N. The listing gives you the keyword or the page number to use with the M command (like M185), a GE Mail address for contacting someone in charge, what (if any) costs there are in addition to connect time charges, and a concrete description of what you'll find when you arrive.

The Index directs you to RoundTables, Databases, Columns, Services, and Businesses that can sell you what you want. The listing for MOVIES, for example, includes places where you can buy videos and books about movies, read expert reviews of movies, or get in a friendly discussion with other movie enthusiasts. (And by the way, one of those folks is bound to know a lot about Sharon Stone.)

The index is sort of the fabric in GEnie's magic carpet. Point it where you want, and it'll chart your course.

(Note: Don't forget to keep your Index updated in Aladdin. Whatever version you're using, there is an option for updating the Index; do so regularly,
since GEnie constantly adds new products and this feature is a great way to find out about them. PC Aladdin marks new index entries with a special mark, so you can find them easily.)

GEnie LiveWire May 1995

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Published on: 2002-09-22 (852 reads)

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