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08.08.2006 :: v0.5191
Another version cleanup there Sheesh :)

08.08.2006 :: v0.5191
Clean the Page

08.08.2006 :: v0.5191
Update To Gnutella
Update to Fasttrack
Update to Ares
Fixed the update system for updateing nodes lists.
cleaned up several network issues.
fixed some of the options.
updates to nibs and everything releated to Ares.
Improved some of the connection related code
You should see much better responce from poisoned now.

13.01.2005 :: v0.519
10.2 support
added ares

12.01.2005 :: v0.518
Removed Time Bomb on gnutella
Many updates were made to gift improving connections and reliability.

11.09.2004 :: v0.517
Just code clean up
and gift updates

25.05.2004 :: v0.516
New fasttrack
New Openft
Node and Banlist updating
A few bug fixes

15.02.2004 :: v0.515
giftd update (fixed a memory leak and a few other issues)
Gnutella update
better giftd issue detection
resets now move files to trash not delete them.
interface adjustments
a few long standing fixes (ie. Drawer issue, column formatting)

03.02.2004 :: v0.514
Just a quick fix for the defaults prefs issue. Caused an error on a few systems.
This looks like a solid release, and hopefully the last one until 0.52

03.02.2004 :: v0.512
hashless searching restored
tray bugs fixed
libdb for search nodes was fixed
a couple of other minor fixes

02.02.2004 :: v0.511
Just a quick last minute bug fix which caused Poisoned not to reset properly

02.02.2004 :: v0.51
Interface fixes.
Some issues with plugins fixed.
giFT Crash detection.
Code cleanup.
Fixes the giftd compile.
New node lists for all networks
Complete up-to-date block list.
All in all more reliable.

02.01.2004 :: v.50
fixed some problems with loading gift
brough back iTMS as an option
reworked import to itunes
disabled Auto Find More Sources
got a new icon ;)
fixed some minor issues
new giftd update
new openft
new gnutella

19.12.2003 :: v0.498
Brought back due to last minute bugs.

19.12.2003 :: v0.499
Auto Find More Sources - 1 shot boost then every 6 mins
Preview Icon in Toolbar
Duration Column In Search(non formated)
Can turn off cancel dialogs in Prefs.
Cancel dialogs behavior has changed
Fixed a bunch of Memory leaks
giFT-FastTrack 0.8.5

01.12.2003 :: v0.498
Full upload support to fasttrack
Changes in prefs
Fixed memory leaks
Bug Fixes...

25.11.2003 :: v0.497
Poisoned Log Viewer
FastTrack Participation Level of around 14000
FastTrack support for high bitrates
GUI Improvements...
Download cancel fixes...
Bug Fixes...

13.11.2003 :: v0.496
File Preview Support
Improved Panther Compatibility
Faster iTunes Import
Bug Fixes...

06.11.2003 :: v0.495
Panther Compatibility Improvements
Finder Integration via Preferences
Improved Keyboard Support
Bug Fixes...

29.10.2003 :: v0.494
Panther Compatibility
Improved FastTrack support
Bug Fixes...

13.10.2003 :: v0.493
You can now change the default import playlist.
Now prompts to confirm a download cancel.
iTunes options moved to panel "Integration".
Dropping hashless search results(poor sources).

08.10.2003 :: v0.492
You can now "Reset Poisoned" from the main menu if you are having problems.
New Icon and "Completed" Badge.
Availability column is now 16 wide with Green Checks and Red Cross's.
Bug Fixes...

02.10.2003 :: v0.491
Fixed bug in search drawer.
Fixed bug with search table columns hiding/unhiding.
Fixed bug where "Availability" was not initially shown.

02.10.2003 :: v0.49
FastTrack Prefs(Port, Port Forwarding, Ban List)
Gnutella Meta Data Support(libxml)
Availability Column(icons green,red)
Sorting Sliders(Now one double sided slider)

29.09.2003 :: v0.481
giFT 0.11.4
giFT-Gnutella 0.0.7
giFT-FastTrack 0.8.4

29.09.2003 :: v0.48
MultiNet is now officially merged with Poisoned!
You can now play files from within Poisoned when they are done downloading. (sorry no preview yet).
Drawer and Search windows now have a contextual menu.
Layer badge on dock icon when item is finished downloading.
Preferences added for FastTrack and Plugins(You many now enable which plugins you want to use).
Recent searches menu is now using a small font.
Network Statistics are now Commaized for easier reading.
Status bar now shows total networks stats.
Upgraded to latest plugins(giFT 0.11.4,OpenFT,giFT-Gnutella 0.0.7,giFT-FastTrack 0.8.4)
Fixed Memory Leaks.
Minor Bug Fixes...
New Website!

20.08.2003 :: v0.41
iTMS integration
new menu for table customization in the search view
recent searches menu in the search text field
fixed downloading of files with international characters in the filename
fixed two memory leaks
added preferences for Gnutella
updated to latest plugins (FastTrack 0.8.3, OpenFT, Gnutella 0.0.5)
minor bug fixes

31.07.2003 :: v0.4
updated to gift 0.11.3
save searches when gift crashes
autosave drawer size
preferences for bandwith throttling
improved iTunes import
cancel downloads/uploads with the delete key
minor bugfixes
minor ui changes

23.07.2003 :: v0.311
updated the gnutella plugin, it's very important that you update your copy of poisoned

23.07.2003 :: v0.31
new location for the giFT folder (this applies only to the included daemon and should fix the crash on startup bug as well as the issue where giFT wasn't able to connect to any users). If you're not using the included daemon (i.e. you compiled it yourself), giFT still uses the .giFT folder in your homedirectory.
Important: this means you have to set your giFT preferences again, if you use the included daemon.
search table:
- new columns: artist and album
- customizable table columns
- now autosaves column configuration
itunes import
completed downloads: reveal in finder
new network code (NetSocket from
minor bugfixes regarding synchronizing shared folders.

18.07.2003 :: v0.3
included giFT daemon.
contextual menus in download/upload view.
find more sources.
new option: relaunch giFT after crash.

09.07.2003 :: v0.23
new icon. (thanks to john m. knapp)
toolbar: drawer button isn't part of the navigation anymore, so you have to customize toolbars to get it back.
added preferences for giFT and OpenFT.
some minor changes concerning the connection to the giFT daemon (again).
some ui changes

17.06.2003 :: v0.22
no more split view, it's a drawer now.
added filter for search results (only for protocols at the moment...)
other minor ui changes
some minor changes concerning the connection to the giFT daemon.

15.06.2003 :: v0.21
global serach table
open gift.conf in textedit (temporarily)
redone main/giFT view

13.06.2003 :: v0.2
mulitple searches
search results now display a little arrow instead of the doc icon, when the file is already downloading.
fixed a bug in the download table where deleting sources could result in a crash.
fixed table highlighting, when the table is in the background.
rearranged preferences (again)
minor ui changes

04.06.2003 :: v0.131
sorry for this release (one hour after v0.13). so what was it? just a little interface bug (search animation stopped, although search wasn't finished yet).

04.06.2003 :: v0.13
fixed a bug where poisoned would crash, if a download has a lot of sources.
rearranged the daemon preferences, added "AutoConnect" and "AutoLaunch". the local daemon now is the default daemon. choose "File"->"Connect to Remote Daemon" for a remote connection.
minor changes in the download view.

28.05.2003 :: v0.12
"Check for Updates...":
now works in the background (no spinning beachball).
fixed a bug where poisoned would report a new version available (version (null)), when there's no internet connection.
fixed a bug where poisoned wouldn't quit anymore when the appearance (pinstripes/brushed metal) changed, while the customization toolbar was running.
new menu item for connecting to the daemon (command-K)
added protocol information in search/downloads/uploads
periodical stats update

26.05.2003 :: v0.11
renamed to poisoned
(poisoned won't use the old poison prefs)
aqua appearance now has aqua widgets/icons

26.05.2003 :: v0.1
initial release

poisoned v0.5191 - 3.7 MB
Libraries included in this version:
Gnutella 0.0.10
Fasttrack 0.8.9
Ares 0.3
poisoned source code is available at our project page
Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Search Nodes Needed
Poisoned has added many users to the OpenFT network, and to compensate, we need more search nodes.

Channel   #poisoned

If you would like to pay for poisoned, please consider donating to one of the following organisations (or any other you like):
amnesty international
   humanitarian efforts
   irc network we use
electronic frontier foundation
   fighting to keep file sharing legal