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SMEs in Europe serve as ready market for RP software companies
Software development and maintenance outsourcing is going to be the next strong driving force for the growth of the Philippine outsourcing sector. As more medium size enterprises overseas warm up to outsourcing, following the example of the bigger counterparts leading the way, to reduce costs, achieve flexibility & scalability, the mid size software houses out of Philippines is coming out to be a strong alternative player, said Arup Maity, CEO and President of IT Service firm BlastAsia.

�We have been catering to the needs of small to medium size companies who have custom development and maintenance needs out of US over last couple of years,� said Arup. �With the track record and experience of servicing the unique requirements for this niche, we are presently exploring the US and European markets to expand this offerings several fold.�

The Philippine software industry is projecting an increase in software exports by 33% or 272 million dollars in 2006, according to industry reports. Software development players in the Philippines have been focusing on niche markets in competing in the global market, including mobile/wireless, animation and gaming software.

Software development firms like BlastAsia will join the government�s trade mission to Europe (13-20 September) organized by the Department of Trade and Industry�s Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) in a bid to expand their business and get partnerships and deals in the Europe market.

�We also want to market the Product Development and R&D services that we have been doing for Japanese client in Europe,� explained Arup. BlastAsia has been working as part of the team developing innovative commercial software for Restaurant Management System for one of the world leading specialized hardware manufacturer from Japan.

BlastAsia is a Microsoft Certified Partner with competencies in areas, including Custom development solutions, Business process and integration, and Mobility solutions, certified based on the track records from project both local, regional and US.

Aside from BlastAsia, another Philippine software firm Vinta Software is also exploring the European market for possible partnerships with financial and advertising institutions. Vinta Software sells products/middleware for optimal credit scoring/credit risk management, optimal media planning, and other business process management systems.

�What we want to achieve in the Europe mission is to be able to export our software products to a growing market like Europe. We want to be known as technopreneurs who have the capabilities to develop, customize, and export our own core products,� explained Peter Valdes, President of Vinta.

Valdes co-founded the globally successful Tivoli Systems Software Company which was acquired by IBM in 1996 for US$743 million.

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