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332nd Engineer General Service Regiment

Exactly 6 months after the United States of America entered World War 2, through the execution of War Department General Order #43, HQ 3rd Army, San Antonio, Texas the unit known as 332nd Engr GS Regiment was activated as a Special Service Regiment. Later, during training at Camp Claiborne the regiment was made a General Service Regiment. The unit shipped overseas to England in 1942 after but a few months training. The 332d paved the way, so to speak, by preparing bases for the buildup of American troops prior to D-Day. Later this unit entered the continent and successfully constructed bridges and roads through Europe. The 332nd continued in service through the entire war and remained in Germany for the Occupation, for the purpose of rebuilding Germany. It returned to the U.S. in October 1949; was subsequently demobilized and put on the inactive list. In June 1950 the 332d E.G.S.R. was reactivated and sent to Korea. The Regiment returned to the U.S. in August 1953 and was permanently deactivated with due ceremony.

There have been other Army Engineer Units with the designation 332nd Engineer but these units have not (to my knowledge) been connected to the unit described above. It is my intention in building this website to tell the story of the men who served in the 332d Engineer Regiment from it activation in 1942 through the World War II era and the Army of Occupation until 1949. If you have any information, diaries, letters or photographs of persons who served in the unit during this time they would be most welcome. I will also gladly welcome information from veterans, relatives or members of other 332nd Engineer units. As time permits I will set aside some web space to tell their story too. The name 332nd Engineer lives on in the 332nd Engineer Company (Dump Truck) a reserve unit located in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. The 332nd Engineer Company is served our country in the rebuilding of Iraq with the purpose of building roads and bridges and recently returned in January 2005. We are happy they have returned safely to the U.S.

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