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Company Information

WizKids, Inc. was founded in July 2000 by 25-year industry veteran and award-winning game designer Jordan Weisman. His goal was to develop a game that made it easy to begin playing traditional miniatures games, and he focused his efforts on creating games that were both affordable and playable right out of the box.

With this objective in mind, Jordan designed the patented “combat dial” base. The WizKids combat dial revolutionized miniatures gaming by incorporating game statistics and record-keeping into a simple mechanism in the base of each prepainted, preassembled figure. The combat dial eliminated the need for cumbersome charts and sourcebooks.

WizKids’ first release, Mage Knight: Rebellion, launched worldwide November 1, 2000. Gone forever were tables to reference, numbers to track, and miniatures to be assembled and painted. Players could now focus on the fun of miniatures gaming by using Weisman’s simpler and faster-playing system. Mage Knight took the game industry by storm, with more than 40 million figures sold in the first 14 months.

WizKids has released many hit game systems since Mage Knight. HeroClix brings the comic book characters from Marvel, DC, and other independent comic universes to life, with game mechanics that mimic the powers and team abilities found in the comics. MechWarrior brings the BattleTech universe down to miniature scale, with players using mechanical titans to battle for planetary—and galactic—supremacy. Pirates of the Spanish Main launched the constructible strategy game category, with 3-D game elements punched out of styrene cards and assembled to re-create high-seas hijinx. The Star Wars PocketModel trading card game (TCG) combines WizKids’ constructible strategy game legacy with the classic card play of TCGs.

In July 2003, WizKids became a wholly owned subsidiary of Topps Company, an international marketer of entertainment products. With the support of Topps, WizKids continues to develop new games, striving to lead the game industry with innovative and exciting games. Most WizKids games are supported with organized play at conventions and registered retail venues worldwide. See the Stores section of our website (www.wizkidsgames.com) to find a WizKids retailer nearest you and the Venue section to find out where you can play your favorite WizKids games with other enthusiastic members of the player community.

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