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1910 - Stunning Goal Gives Newtown The Title

Newtown's Paddy McCueThe Sydney competition was given a huge boost for 1910 by the defection of the Wallabies and it showed in better play and bigger crowds. The arrival of the first ever England team set the city abuzz even further. Newcastle did not return after 1909 and were replaced by inner-city Annandale.

The play-off system was scrapped in favour of a Final between the top two teams at the end of the season to decide the premiers. Newtown finished the season as minor premiers one point ahead of Souths.

In the Final the Rabbitohs were ahead 4-2 with the final bell due to sound and their 3rd title in a row within reach.

Souths' Howard Hallett was forced to put in a clearing kick from his own line. Near the junction of the halfway and sideline, Newtown's centre Albert Hawkes caught the ball on the full and immediately claimed a "fair mark". Under the rules at the time this gave Newtown one final shot at goal from a very difficult position. Newtown's captain Charles ‘Boxer' Russell set aside the pressure, the distance and the angle to land a booming goal and take the title - as minor premiers a draw was all Newtown needed to win.
FINAL: 17 September, Sydney Showground (15,000)
Newtown drew with South Sydney 4-all (Newtown premiers)
Newtown: W.Neill, C.Russell(c), V.Farnsworth, A.Hawkes, F.Munnery, W.Farnsworth, W.Hayes, J.Murray, J.Barnett, P.McCue, D.Grundie, J.Morgan, H.Chevell.

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