WWE Raw Results: 8/25/03 - SummerSlam aftermath, Jericho vs. Shane
    Submitted by Dustin Tingue on Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 4:04 AM EST

    WWE RAW - 8/25/03

    Held in Tuscon, AZ
    Announcing: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    kicked off the show, just 24 hours after SummerSlam. Naturally, Goldberg made a challenge to the Game and soon enough, out walked Triple H with Ric Flair and Randy Orton. The two trash talked for a few moments and H tried to tell Goldberg he was no different than the other guys who had tried to take the title from him. Goldberg wanted a match right then and there but H declined and offered him a match for Unforgiven, with one stipulation: if H should win, Goldberg has to retire, no going over to SmackDown! or a different promotion, if he loses, he's done for good. H told Goldberg to think about it long and hard, but Goldberg came back with a quick answer and told H it was on.

    Trish Stratus defeated Gail Kim. Kim attacked Trish on her way out and then kept applying a side headlock while in the ring. Trish continued to find creative ways to break free but Kim would go right back to the hold. Finally, Trish countered with the Stratusfaction to win the match. Trish headed up the ramp but was attacked by Molly Holly who then went in the ring to confront Kim.

    After the break, Molly had Kim in a choke backstage and told her not to forget who brought her into the company. She told Kim they needed to work together to take out Trish Stratus.

    Rodney Mack made his entrance next along with Theodore Long who was on the mic. Like him or not, Long knows how to talk. Long introduced a new member to Playas, Inc. and that member was the returning Mark Henry.

    Rodney Mack & Mark Henry (with Theodore Long) defeated Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade. Cade and Jindrak got the best of Mack but Henry made a blind tag and won the match after catching Jindrak off the top and slamming him down.

    Backstage, Lance Storm told Goldust he set him up last week when he sent him into the women's locker room. Goldust insisted that he didn't and eventually we panned down to see Mini-Dust clutching (and somewhat humping) Storm's leg. Goldust told Storm to walk it off and as he did jus that, Rosey came into the picture. Rosey said there was something happening in the ring and he needed to investigate. Goldust didn't know anything so Rosey asked a cute, blonde production assistant (who I'm pretty sure was Jesse of Tough Enough II fame). She informed him that someone had a gun out in the ring and our S.H.I.T. was on his way. The Hurricane then jumped into the picture and found out that the "gun" was actually the cannon that fired t-shirts out into the crowd. Hurricane then took off after Rosey.

    After the break, Ross and Lawler showed us what happened during the break. A crew member was in the ring along with Lilian Garcia firing shirts into the crowd when Rosey attacked him and hit him with his finishing move. Hurricane got there a little too late and told Rosey he attacked an innocent citizen, obviously young Roosevelt still has much to learn.

    Backstage, Terri had a word with Stone Cold who talked about the actions of Jonathan Coachman last night. Austin said he saw Coach take out Shane with a chair and said like a good co-GM, he had to investigate. He said he was then physically provoked by Coach and saw fit to open up a can on him. He said he was ready to leave and let the match continue when Eric Bischoff slapped him in the face. So, in self-defense, he dropped him with a Stunner. Just then, Eric Bischoff came into the picture. Bischoff's face was covered by a hat and sunglasses, and even with that you could see he looked pretty beat up. Bischoff said he was planning on awarding Coachman with the Employee of the Month award and told Austin to stay out of it.

    La Resistance came out next and we were finally introduced to their mystery ally, Rob Conway. Conway said he was disgusted to be an American because we're all ignorant, apparently. Conway said America has trouble fighting the battles in their own backyard yet we have troops over in Iraq. Conway took a few more shots until Spike Dudley interrupted. As Spike walked down the ramp, the Dudley Boyz came in through the crowd to get the jump on La Resistance and Conway.

    La Resistance (Slyvain Grenier, Rene Dupree & Rob Conway) defeated the Dudley Boyz (D-Von, Bubba Ray & Spike). Dudley Boyz were in control with the crowd on their side after hitting a 3D. Spike followed up with a Dudley Dog but Conway hit a cheapshot with a tag title belt on D-Von to pick up yet another win for La Resistance.

    Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel was next and Jericho started off with a few words on the Elimination Chamber match and that led into his introduction of Linda McMahon. Jericho asked her if she did indeed seal the deal with Bischoff. Linda laughed and said Bischoff was nothing but a liar, nothing happened and he was escorted from her home. Linda said consequences need to be dealt to Bischoff but she figured if she fired him, her husband would just rehire him. Vince McMahon then interrupted and said he had personally invited Bischoff to their home last week. He said the only victim around here was himself, the victim of a failed marriage and the victim of two rotten kids. Linda suggested some mental help for Vince but Vince denied needing any help and went on to compare himself with Kane. Shane McMahon then walked out and agreed that his father and Kane were alike in that they're both monsters. Jericho stepped in and told Shane he needed to treat his father with respect. Shane and Vince then stood face to face until Jericho attacked Shane. Vince and Jericho headed up the ramp as Vince booked Jericho vs. Shane for later in the night.

    Randy Orton (with Ric Flair) defeated Maven (with Shawn Michaels). HBK accompanied Maven to the ring to even things out against Orton and Flair. Maven came close to getting the victory a few times but the ref was distracted with Michaels or Flair during the pin attempts. Finally, Michaels walked over to Flair and knocked him out with a superkick. In the ring, Orton hit the RKO but pulled away during the pin. Orton then walked to the corner and mocked Michaels' Sweet Chin Music routine and then hit Maven with a superkick for the win.

    After the break, Eric Bischoff was in the ring to present the Employee of the Month award to Jonathan Coachman who made his way out. Coach justified his SummerSlam actions by telling us he was just doing what his boss (Bischoff) told him. Coach said he didn't appreciate being attacked by Steve Austin but furthermore, he didn't appreciate the way JR treated him upon his return to the announce table. Clips rolled of JR's return two weeks ago and Coach said he didn't get a thank you or anything. He was just given a look as if to say "get out of my chair." Coach then demanded apologies from both JR and Austin. Christian then joined the festivities and said he too wanted and apology from Austin for not being involved at SummerSlam. Finally, Steve Austin came out with a sympathy card for Coach. Austin reached into the envelope and pulled out a middle finger for Coachman. Coach made a few more comments about JR and Lawler and finally the King stood up and threatened Coach. Christian then started to whine but Austin shut him up when he told him he could have a match with Jerry Lawler for the Intercontinental title.

    Christian defeated Jerry Lawler to retain the Intercontinental Title. Coach sat next to JR for commentary on this match and the two bickered back and forth. Christian dominated most of the match but King rebounded to hit a couple of his signature fist drops. Coach had seen enough and walked out to the ring and pulled King out just as he had a pin. Lawler chased Coach into the ring which provided enough distraction for Christian to get a rollup and the win.

    Chris Jericho vs. Shane McMahon was a no contest. Early in the match, Kane's pyro went off but it served only as a distraction for Jericho to take advantage. After the last commercial break, Jericho was still in control but Shane bounced back and kncoked Jericho down with a few punches. Jericho came back with a standing enziguri but Shane got his knees up when Jericho went for the Lionsault. Just after that, Jericho hit Shane with a superplex from the top rope. Kane's pyro went off again and this time Kane did appear. Kane headed into the ring and hit Shane with a chokeslam and then walked out through the crowd. Shane struggled to his feet and followed Kane into the backstage area. After a few moments of searching, Kane attacked Shane from behind as the two made their way on top of a loading dock. There, Kane slammed Shane into a wall a few times and then uncovered a whole bunch of gas cans. Kane dumped the gas into a nearby dumpster and lit it on fire. Kane picked up Shane over his shoulder and went to throw him into the inferno but Shane countered and Kane ended up falling into the fire. Shane stood over the fire as the show went off the air.

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