WWE Sunday Night Heat Results 2-23-03
    Submitted by Matt Hartgrave on Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 9:56 PM EST

    SNH on TNN this week, we start with Coach & Lita up in the nosebleed section and they immediately go over the card for No Way Out. They go into the Undertaker/Big Show fued and the build up to their match at No Way Out. Out of the highlights, we go to Undertaker entering the arena with Josh Matthews trying to ask him about his match with the Big Show. UT keeps walking with no comment.

    Coach and Lita toss to break but first tease a match later in Heat, a Smackdown match on a RAW brand show, Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Jaime Noble w/Nidia.

    They show the snow falling in Montreal, as they tease the Rock vs. Hogan II match...

    They go over the entire card.

    Matt Hardy vs. Billy Kidman (Cruiserweight Title)
    Regal/Storm vs. RVD/Kane (Tag Team Titles)
    Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho
    Undertaker vs. Big Show
    Hogan vs. Rock
    HHH vs. Scott Steiner (World Title)
    Team Angle vs. Lesnar/Edge/Benoit
    Austin vs. Bischoff

    Then they go to a Mr. Perfect Tribute from Confidential, Saturday Night... With interviews with Brisco, HBK, Slaughter, Lesnar & Brooklyn Brawler.

    They go over the HHH/Steiner issues leading to their match at No Way Out. They do a video montage with the official song of Now Way Out behind it.

    Starburst Rewind- Jeff Hardy pinning Jericho on Raw, leading to their match

    We go to Bischoff's Office, where Chief Morely is rubbing his shoulders, getting him ready, saying he will definately be at ringside with him. Jericho walks in and says if Bischoff needs his help, he'll be there for him. If, Bischoff will ban HBK from ringside. Bischoff agrees and they are both pleased.

    Greyhound-Overdrive of the Night
    Rodney Macks debut with Theodore Long on RAW.

    The Snow is really coming down in Montreal as the crowd starts filling up a little.
    They go over the Bischoff vs. Austin build up and how this is the most anticipated PPV comeback ever.

    Back from break, Regal & Storm come out of Bischoff's office, and Terri asks them what they were doing in there. They say it's none of her business and Guarentee that they will beat RVD & Kane tonight.

    Match 1, Main Event
    Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Jaime Noble
    Tazz & Cole at Ringside calling the match from ringside. Crowd popping for Mysterio, missed the 619, pretty good action back and forth. Nidia distracts Mysterio, he counters Nobles attack with a 619, and hits the Hurricanrana for the pin.

    They tease the biggest re-match in history, Rock vs. Hogan II, all the build-up with Vince, Rock VIA Satellites, etc. very well done, they come out of that to the Rock showing up at the Arena, and making fun of one of the Cooks, telling him to take his hat off, and then they close the show.

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