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Sunday, September 18, 2005 -

'Ultimate' cop bashes rules, back in ring
By Dave Wedge, Boston Herald
Friday, September 16, 2005 - Updated: 09:57 AM EST

A hulking Hub cop who came under fire for starring in a bloody basement brawl tape is still on the job and is set to fight in an internationally televised pay-per-view event next month at a Connecticut casino.

Sean ``The Cannon'' Gannon has been signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship – considered the major league of mixed martial arts - and will battle in ``UFC 55: Fury''
at Mohegan Sun Oct. 7.

``It's a big step up for him,'' Gannon's manager, Joe Cavallaro said. ``UFC is the best in the world. It's the Super Bowl of mixed martial arts.''

A 6-foot-3, 265-pound slugger, Gannon is a six-time Golden Gloves boxing winner and a former state judo champ who has become one of the state's most feared mixed martial arts warriors.

He remains a patrolman, despite some controversy over his chosen sport.

Last year, he reportedly was the subject of a Boston police internal affairs probe after a tape surfaced of him in an unsanctioned, blood-soaked battle with street brawler Kimbo Slice.

Boston police spokesman Sgt. Thomas Sexton said Gannon faced no disciplinary action last year. Gannon is allowed to fight in Massachusetts-sanctioned events but the department ``will be reviewing'' his off-duty employment application because the UFC event is out of state, Sexton said.

The Kimbo brawl sparked controversy in extreme fighting circles and became a hot seller on several Web sites. But Cavallaro said the tape has been ``blown out of proportion.''

``My understanding is that it was a sparring match that somebody got a hold of . . . and marketed it as something it wasn't,'' he said.

Gannon's UFC debut comes just months after Boston officials shut down a ``gladiator'' clash at the Roxy and effectively banned mixed martial arts fights from city venues.

UFC has other cops in its ranks, including a heavyweight champ who is an officer from Belarus and a light heavyweight champ who is an officer in Athens, Georgia.

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