April 05, 2001
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OC Transpo adds new low-floor articulated buses to its fleet

- Three new low-floor articulated buses hit Ottawa streets this morning. The high capacity buses are the most recent addition to OC Transpo's fleet and are manufactured by New Flyer Industries of Winnipeg. The three buses are the first of 67 low-floor articulated vehicles and 18 low-floor 40-foot vehicles to be added in the next year.

The new low-floor articulated buses represent one more step in OC Transpo's commitment to convert its fleet to fully accessible low-floor buses. With 14 designated accessible routes already in place, the buses are a welcome addition. The new 60-foot articulated low-floor vehicles each have space for two wheelchairs and several features that allow anyone with mobility challenges or other disabilities to board easily: the low-floor design means no steps at any door, the front of the bus can be lowered and there is an extendable ramp at the front door and a wider centre aisle.

The New Flyer bus has comparable seating capacity to its conventional counterpart. The 60-foot low-floor bus seats 56 people, with a standing capacity of 75. There are seats located in the turntable area of the bus.

As part of OC Transpo's Rack & Roll program, the New Flyer buses are all equipped with bike racks for those transit riders who wish to combine cycling at both ends of their trip. The rack gives cyclists a safe way to bring their bike on the bus. It stores two bikes and is very quick and easy to use. The bike racks will be in place on the new low-floor buses on routes 95, 97 and 2 for the upcoming cycling season.

The 67 New Flyer buses will help respond to increasing ridership. Ridership has risen by 7 % in the past year alone. With more riders using transit, the new low-floor buses are a welcome addition.
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