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"...but unfortunately, I never get obvious things like purple rashes or
hideous eruptions so I could really seen to be ill — I'd really like to
look all thin and droopy, Beardsley-like, if that's a word, lying pale and
wan in a bed surrounded by lilies. maybe then I'd be taken seriously.
illnesses, like hangings, should be seen."
Vivian Stanshall

Andrew McKenzie, the sonic genius behind THE HAFLER TRIO, is currently suffering from hepatitis B and auto-immune hepatitis.

In addition, he was recently blind-sided by a residency situation in Iceland, his home of many years, that prevents his seeking social benefits that should be his, as a taxpayer into the Icelandic social welfare system. This situation also prevents employers in Iceland from offering him any sort of job.

Being out of his country of origin, the U.K., for many years, to seek treatment there would mean waiting years in order to be readmitted into their system. It would also mean abandoning the ongoing pursuit of his social rights in Iceland, where he still has a chance to regain his standing.

Finally, and most hurtful, he has been the victim of unscrupulous behavior by his former employer in Denmark, as well as by Touch, the label he helped found which released many of his recordings in the last two decades.

So, his situation since September of 2002 is this: he is unemployed, cannot get a job in Iceland, and no offers from elsewhere are forthcoming. He has no health insurance and cannot afford medical treatment for his illnesses (over $600/month). He is currently prevented from receiving subsidized medical care.

His condition is serious and he needs financial support now, firstly to keep a roof over his head. With shelter, he can devote what energy he has to working on new releases and preparing for occasional lectures and performances. About these two activities, a few words need to be said.

Many kind people have come forward in recent months to release new recordings, on labels such as Fire.Inc., These/Raft, Die Stadt, Nextera, Somnimage, Crouton, Important, Soleilmoon, Korm Plastics, Rossbin, Ossosnossos, Phonometrography, Slapart and Dekorder. New releases do provide some income, in the form of cash advances in some cases, or a percentage of profits in others. But record releases usually provide little in the way of regular support, even for artists in the best of health, even with label contracts. And The Hafler Trio releases are often limited editions, made to high standards, so manufacturing costs are higher.

Some have questioned Andrew's participation in lectures and performances, believing out of ignorance, perhaps, that he cannot be seriously ill and performing publicly at the same time. But this has been the plight not just of Andrew, but of a number of famous and not-so-famous musicians and composers, Sun Ra and Victoria Williams being only two of the better known examples in recent memory. It is true that complications of the illnesses, untreated, sap his strength, requiring days of rest in between periods of activity. Travel, at best, does not aid his condition. But having no other options, it is necessary for him to accept offers to lecture or perform, where the remuneration is fair for the amount of work and travel required.

What will help Andrew the most in the long run is to gain steady employment, in a position which makes use of his extensive experience in Audio Engineering, System Administration, or Web and Print Design. In light of his illness, a position which permits tele-work, or which requires an on-site presence for short periods, is preferred. You can view his skills and experience on his resume.

Please, if you or someone you know can offer a job, please contact him without delay.

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