Sunday, May 27, 2007
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Deccan Herald » Entertainment » Detailed Story
Meet curious Chris
Theres more to Chris Evans than his saviour roles. Spiritual by nature, he spends a lot of his time finding answers to the questions that the universe has to offer.

Following his successful role in Fantastic 4, Chris Evans is back in another Twentieth Century Fox picture: Sunshine that released recently. This Irish Italian American plays Mace, a charismatic and full of energy scientist. His charm is as strong as his acting skills which explains why he was named one of People Magazine’s ‘Hottest Bachelors’ in 2006.
Chris Evans is not only a daredevil in life but he also spends time meditating and trying to find the true meaning of his existence. When not acting he can be found in the high mountains of India and doing yoga. Let's explore the universe with him as we talk about Sunshine.
What was your approach to Sunshine and how much study did you invest about the “universe” of this film?
We did lots of studies and lots of research. It started in Los Angeles and they made me fly to Northern California to sit down with this American astronaut who holds the record for the longest time in space. The idea was just to sit with him and learn some terms and learn also about the psychological fear about being alone in space for such a long time.
Then I arrived in London and I started right away. We had barely a month of rehearsal and Danny asked us to move in together, into dorm-rooms in order to feel the pressure of living very closely with other people and to understand what your brain goes through.
And to understand what happens in space when you're all confined in the same limited space and to not have any sense of privacy.  We also attended lectures, went scuba diving and flew in a zero gravity plane to experience weightlessness. There was so much effort put in before the camera even rolled. And I like it when it is that intense.
Are real scientists as good looking?
That's a good question! I only met a few scientists and they were pretty cute.
Would you like to act in Europe or elsewhere?
I think I might move to New York at the end of this year. I always said when I started that as soon as I could leave LA I would. And I think I'm just now getting to a point that I can do that. There are disadvantages to living in New York. The majority of studios and directors live here. So you will lose a bit in terms of the amount of meetings you can take, but if it can be done I think I’ll do it.
Which three things make you an individual?
I don’t think many people are compassionate, but I look at myself as a pretty compassionate guy. Loyal, I have a lot of loyalty to my family. I'm curious, but I don't think that's necessarily an attribute. That's not something I'm saying is a good thing. That's something I'm actually trying to be less of, but it's still a trait.
 What do you do for fun?
I read a lot because I'm curious, but I love the outdoors. I love playing sports. I love being outside with my dog. I love the beach. I love the mountains. I love hiking.
But for the most part I love films. So it might sound like I sit around all day, but I love watching movies. I love reading scripts. I love writing scripts. I like film. I just think it's a beautiful art.
How do you prepare?
The first thing I'll do usually is try and find somebody that I know in my life to try and model the character after.
Every actor does it differently, but to me it always felt like, if I'm going to create something completely new, does that mean I think my brain is capable of understanding all the deep nuances of a single person? I bet you are the most intricate complex person in the world, as is everybody here, so if you are going to try to create someone new, it is wrong to assume that I can understand all those things on my own.
I'd rather just take somebody I already know and understand a lot about them because they are tangible. I've met them and have got to know them. Why don't I try and adopt that? That's half the battle right there. That's half the job being done.
I think if you try to invent something completely new on your own, you will end up infusing too much of yourself into it because it's easier. So I will just read a script and, that's why I like to meet people.

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