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Lesson 18. Wedge Game
Week Four Lessons
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18. Wedge Game
19. Global recommendations
Activity dealing with the challenges of cutting emissions | Multiple Disiplines

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The Stabilzation Triangle: Tackling the Carbon and Climate Problem with Today's Technologies

National Education Standards Met:

sciencelanguage disciplinesocial studies discipline


Goal:  The Wedge Game is an activity of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative (CMI) of the Princeton Environmental Institute.  Permission to use the activity is granted with the caveat that data be shared with CMI.  The goal and purpose of the activity as stated by CMI is:

  • “To provide hands-on experience with the challenges involved in cutting emissions, CMI developed the “Stabilization Wedge Game” in 2004. It was first used for CMI’s annual meeting, where it was played by 50 players from industry, academia, and the non-profit sector. Subsequent games have been carried out with players from a variety of back-grounds, and the game is adaptable for use with different audiences.”
  • “The goal of the game is to build a plausible and politically acceptable portfolio of strategies to keep global carbon emissions flat for the next 50 years. Teams can choose to use each strategy more than once, but must consider the potential physical and economic limitations of each strategy.”


  • Refer to the CMI activity for a list of materials

Time Required: 2, 45-60 minutes

Standards Met: S1, S6, LA4, LA5, C4, C5, E1, G1, G5, WH9


  • Review the document, Wedges_Concept_Game_Materials_2005.pdf, to implement this activity in the classroom OR visit this website to access the activity:



The Stabilzation Triangle: Tackling the Carbon and Climate Problem with Today's Technologies

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