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September 22, 2007
New York (Webster Hall)
September 25, 2007
New York (Madison Square Garden)
September 19, 2007
New York (Radio City Music Hall)
September 14, 2007
New York, N.Y. (Madison Square Garden)
September 14, 2007
Morrison, Colo. (Red Rocks)
September 11, 2007
London (Royal Festival Hall)
September 08, 2007
Tinley Park, Ill. (First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre)
September 07, 2007
New York (Roseland Ballroom)
August 29, 2007
East Rutherford, N.J. (Continental Airlines Arena)

PATTI SMITH Glitter In Their Eyes (3:03)
PRODUCER: not listed
WRITER: P. Smith
PUBLISHER: not listed
Arista 4922 (c/o BMG) (CD promo)
Hearing Smith cut loose on a track like this, it becomes clear that the rock radio field is sorely lacking the kind of no-holds-barred female belter who pours her soul and guts into every syllable she utters. To that end, programmers should begin tripping over themselves to embrace this glorious preview into the rock icon's forthcoming opus, "Gung Ho." Joined during the chorus by Michael Stipe, Smith offers an unflinching view into the ramblings and motions of youth culture. As always, her words are on-point, with literate, poetic lines. Surrounding the artist is raucous, guitar-driven instrumentation, urging her to wail with white-knuckled authority. Although Smith has always been a sharp observer of the world, she's grown notably comfortable in the role of rock'n'roll earth mama. And if you need further proof of that, use this hook-laden anthem as a springboard into "Gung Ho," which is shaping up to be among the better releases of 2000.

VERBOW New History (3:59)
WRITER: Jason Narducy
PRODUCERS: Brad Wood, Verbow
Epic/550 Music 46420 (CD promo)
Bittersweet guitar pop in the grand tradition of Big Star and Sugar, Verbow's "New History" is an excellent first single from the forthcoming "White Out," the Chicago band's third album and second for Epic/550 (following the Bob Mould-produced "Chronicles" from '97). Led by ace singer/songwriter Jason Narducy and blessed by the atmospheric cello of Alison Chesley, Verbow makes a rich, emotionally textured acoustic/electric noise, abetted by indie knob twiddler extraordinaire Brad Wood. The promo CD-5 also features the hook-heavy "Ambulance"-an album track to rival the single-as well as an energized live version of "Holiday," the standout song from the acclaimed "Chronicles." The airwaves can always use literate, heartfelt rock songs (maybe now more than ever), and "New History" is that in spades.

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