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Weyauwega Scout, 16, reaches lofty goal

From the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Feb. 11, 2002

Congratulations go out today to 16-year-old Gary Hirte of Weyauwega, who has become only the 14th Boy Scout from his hometown and the first Weyauwegan in 20 years to make Eagle Scout.


A sophomore at Weyauwega-Fremont High School and a member of Troop No. 21/621, Gary is the son of proud parents Mike and Deana Hirte.

In case you didn't know, reaching the rank of Eagle Scout is no small deal. Only about 4% of all Scouts ever reach scouting's highest rank.

Gary's now a member of a fairly exclusive club that includes retired astronaut James A. Lovell Jr. and director/producer Steven Spielberg.

He gives all the credit for his success to his parents.

"Sometimes I'd feel like giving up, and they'd be there to keep me going," Gary says. "They are my biggest cheerleaders."

A hairy fund-raiser

Milwaukee east siders Jason Parry, Jeff Sherman and Andy Tarnoff are preparing for 54 days of some serious mustache growin' - all for fun and to help out a worthy cause.

Jason, a spokesman for the Milwaukee Brewers, along with Jeff and Andy, associates with, are teaming up with the Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Fund for "Mustaches for Milwaukee," a campaign to raise money for the fund.

Up-until-now bare-lipped, prospective mustache growers, presumably men, will seek monetary pledges for keeping the razor from under their noses from Friday to April 9.

The campaign kicks off with a bash Friday from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at Groom, 728 N. Milwaukee St., where all Tom Selleck/Rollie Fingers wannabes are invited to sign up for the hair-raising campaign with a $10 donation.

"We are optimistic that this will create a buzz in the city and help benefit a truly worthwhile cause," Jason says.

Monday's People will track the progress of the fuzzy-lipped fund-raisers and report the results of the campaign in April.

For more information visit

A 'Highlight' for teacher

Reading teacher Nancy Van Caster of Menomonee Falls has spent her career spreading the joy of reading to both her students and her own children.

But this month that joy spreads to millions of kids across the country as a short story written by Nancy appears in the February edition of Highlights for Children, the monthly "Fun with a Purpose" magazine that's been entertaining and teaching kids for more than half a century.

The story, entitled "The Missing Name," is based upon an experience Nancy had with one of her own kids. It tells about a boy who wants to pass out Valentine's Day cards to his classmates but loses a list of their names.

Over their kitchen table, his clever and resourceful mom poses a series of questions to help him figure out the names of the 17 kids in his class. After figuring out the names of the kids he plays with at recess, who sits in what rows, whom he eats lunch with and whom he rides the bus with, the list is still missing one name.

The story has a cute, surprise ending as the two successfully complete the list.

"One of the things that was fun was that the names I used are the names of my son's brothers and sisters and cousins in real life," Nancy says.

Reading to and with their children is a wonderful, personal way for parents to share life's experiences with them, Nancy says.

"You enjoy the characters and imagine the settings together," she says. "You almost develop a language between the two of you about the books that you share."

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From the Feb. 11, 2002 editions of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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