STOS Basic 2.07

Click here to download Beta 2 or here to download Beta 3

NOTE: Beta 3's compiler is buggy - use beta 2, but 3 has more features.


As is widely known, there are problems with using STOS on certain OS versions due to a rather stupid decision by the programmers of STOS to have a table of un-documented addresses in the header of STOS programs. This table has been replaced by various fixer programs (such as my own Generic STOS Fixer), however these cannot get around the basic limit of 8 tables in the header.

Also, as the Atari hardware has advanced, some initialisation that is necessary on newer machines (ie. Falcons) is not done.

For this reason, I have created a new loader program for STOS which I am describing as a new version of STOS, which has the following new features:

I also plan to add:

If you have any other suggestions as what should be added, then email me. :)

Current Status

Well, this is still in the beta test stages - there are definately some bugs still there, and I haven't done everything that I want to. However, you can get a copy of the beta from here. This is not to be spread widely (uploaded to FTP sites, put in PD libraries) but is designed for people on the net to give me feedback.

Legal issues

Strictly speaking, this is legally a bit iffy as I have had to disassemble the old loader to create my new one. However, one of the original authors of STOS (Constantin Sotiropoulos) is aware of this, and EuroPress (distributers) have said that they 'have no interest in STOS'. Therefore, I see no ethical problem with upgrading STOS - you will still need an original to use the new loader program.

I intend to release this as postcardware - I will not be charging anything for this software. All that I ask is that you email me, or send me a postcard or letter telling me about what you are using it for. I am even releasing the source code for the curious...

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