Friday August 23, 2002
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Freshman Survival: You certainly won’t find these in Webster’s...

The essential Tech terms dictionary, from your favorite newspaper

Photo courtesy Georgia Tech Archives

These students tie each other up in preparation for the infamous drownproofing course during the 1960s (see definition at left).


The first letter of the alphabet. It allegedly appears on grade reports. We’ll believe it when we see it.


Used for everything on campus. Examples include buildings (IBB, MRDC), majors (INTA, ME) and organizations (ASCE, SGA).

Brittain Beach

The patch of grass in the east campus quad where freshmen traditionally throw frisbees and sun bathe in summer and spring.

Bursar’s Office

The place where you take your money, or your parents’ money, or the government’s money...

Buzz Card

Student ID. Don’t leave home without it.


Sleep in a bottle, cup or other non-bed form. See sleep.

Capital Campaign

President Clough’s fundraising drive that concluded in spring of 2001. It raised $712 million for the Institute, including funds for much of the current campus construction.

Chem annex

One-fourth of the College of Computing’s building.


Obey the word of the man. Use this building to locate the Student Center, which houses the only Pizza Hut in the country that serves Coca-Cola, anywhere on campus.


A female college student first admitted to Tech 50 years ago. Although more sightings are reported each year, females still make up less than 30 percent of the student body.

College of Computing Building

The Tool Shed. Think really hard about your favorite CS major and you’ll understand. Alternative definitions: EE Annex, Chem Annex.


Something all Tech students are expected to do well. Good examples can be found on newsgroups and in Technique letters to the editor.


Pedestrian danger zones.

Dead Week

This is the week before finals during which you are not supposed to have any assignments due.

Dean’s List

Only takes a 3.0...sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just wait.

D.M. Smith

History and Social Sciences building across from the library.

Drop Day

The Friday in the middle of the semester that marks the last day to drop a class. Less than ten percent of your grade will have been earned by this date, making it a guessing game as to whether to keep the class. There are always lots of parties going on that night.


A P.E. class previously required of all Tech graduates. The goal of the class was to allow you to survive indefinitely in water through a variety of techniques.


PHYS 2122 (under the quarter system), considered one of the most difficult and/or confusing classes at Tech. The saying used to go, “E-Mag, Re-Mag, Three-Mag, Management.”

Faculty Honors

A 4.0? Keep dreaming.

Flag Building

a.k.a. Student Services Building. Houses the Dean of Students, SGA, Technique and other organizations.

Flush Letters

Letters of rejection from prospective employers. Three or four will sometimes get you a free meal.


Frosted Orange. See The “V”, later in this section.


The best thing to happen in parking, ever. Please do not break them.

Good Word, The

“To hell with Georgia!”

Hill, The

The area between the Administration Building and the Library. Also used as a general term for members of the administration. See Tech Tower.

Honor Code

Says you’re supposed to squeal on cheaters. And profs are supposed to provide word. Yep, that’s what is says.


The Physics building on the corner of Ferst and Atlanta where many freshman classes are held.

IC Auditorium

a.k.a. Tennenbaum Auditorium, located in Instructional Center next to Management & ISyE.


Campus diner where Tommy serves up some of the world’s greatest chicken fingers.

Late Fees

Fees that apply in addition to reguar semester fees if your payment is late. Better take out another loan to pay these off.

Lines, The

The atrocity of parking registration 1998. We’re surprised a riot didn’t break out. No longer occur thanks to online parking registration.


Georgia Tech, North Campus

Ma Tech

The cherished name used by students and alumni as the personification of Georgia Tech.


Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority-since freshmen don’t have cars, this is your way around Atlanta, unless you can sucker an upperclassman into driving.


The fine company that was nice enough to paint the basketball court.

Midnight Madness

Starting the Sunday before finals and continuing every night during finals week, students gather at midnight in the public areas around the dormitories or simply lean out their windows on East Campus for the age-old tradition. Promptly at midnight, students scream and yell to relieve the stress of their strenuous finals preparations.

North Avenue Trade School

Nickname for Tech

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

The campus computer office; has the nicest labs on campus.


This is where the volleyball team plays. It is next to the Coliseum. See athletic coeds.


Hosted by Atlanta during summer of 1996. Tech served as the Olympic Village.


Online Student Computer Assisted Registration; it’s how you get classes, view your grades, pay your bills and, eventually, check your graduation status.


Thanks to construction, it has become an unofficial Tech color.

Parking Permit

Once just a hunting license before former Parking Director Rod Weis, but most freshmen still can leave this word out of their vocabularies.


A relic of the past. Alumni, faculty, staff, and really old students will probably remember. Tech used to be on the quarter system until it was forced to switch to semesters.


Any Freshman. Recruit At Tech, or Recently Acquired Tech Students. It originates from Tech’s strong military roots.

Road Trip

Something every college student should do. All you need is some clean underwear, a toothbrush, and oh yeah, a car with gas.


Student Athletic Complex. A place to exercise and forget about differential equations for a while.

Semester conversion

A big hassle that occurred before the 1999 school year. Resulted in lots of graduation appeals last year.


Oh, wait...

Shaft (1)

Any examination or class (not necessarily longer than it is wide) which inflicts mental anguish due to being unnecessarily difficult and/or impossible to pass.

Shaft (2)

The large metal campanile fountain outside the student center.


A phrase, used often in journalism, meaning “intentionally so written.” According to Webster’s Dictionary, it is used after a word or passage to indicate that it is intended exactly as printed or to indicate that it exactly reproduces an original-especially when the passage appears to contain a mistake. Example: University [sic] of Georgia.

Sixth-Year Senior

Every fraternity has one; Someone who has already been here longer than the recommended schedule, but is still striving to get out. This person has funny stories.


We at the Technique are glad to be able to define this for you. Although we haven’t experienced it first hand (and neither will you), we hear it has something to do with shutting the eyes and entering a catatonic state for several hours on a nightly basis. See caffeine.


A comment, quip, inside joke or one-liner that runs in the Technique’s Sliver Box. Contribute one at

Square Root Club

The elite club that only admits members who meet this stringent criteria: The square root of your GPA is greater than your GPA. Get it? Heh heh.


The professor at Tech who teaches most of the lower-level classes, but never receives any credit. Why isn’t he in the course evaluation?

Stinger, Stingerette

Campus vans and buses. They aren’t on a strict schedule so budget extra time if you want to make it to class. An hour should be enough.

Stop signs

Disregarded by most drivers. If you see somebody entering a crosswalk, you’re not supposed to stop, but speed up instead.


“The South’s Liveliest College Newspaper.” Serves as an excellent distraction during Friday afternoon lecture.


The basketball arena. See McDonald’s.

“V,” The

Varsity drive-in located on North Avenue. At least get a fried pie and an F.O. Also known as “The Greasy V.”

Whistle, The (1)

The steam whistle that blows to signal class changes at five minutes before each hour. It also blows whenever Tech wins a home football game, and at each spring’s “When the Whistle Blows” remembrance ceremony.

Whistle, The (2)

The Georgia Tech faculty and staff newspaper published by Institute Communications and Public Affairs.


Old tests and notes to help you study for tests.