Friday August 25, 2000
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GTCN-it’s always on

By Rebekah Bardwell GTCN Video Producations Mgr.

The Georgia Tech Cable Network (GTCN) was established five years ago, and has grown significantly to provide Georgia Tech students with a diverse and sizeable amount of useful resources. GTCN provides educational and entertainment programming, and the network is one of the campus’ most accessible outlets for information regarding the Tech community.

One of the main goals of GTCN is to provide educational support to the campus. In conjunction with the Learning Assistance Program, GTCN produces nightly call-in tutoring from 10pm-midnight, Sunday through Thursday. The tutoring, along with class lectures, is featured on GTCN’s T.E.A.Ch. Channel (channel 20).

GTCN has also helped the Foreign Language Department restructure the pedagogical approach to learning the French language. Each semester, with the help of French students, GTCN produces short video skits for the department. Many students, including computer science, industrial design, and science, technology and culture majors, have also used GTCN as an internship to earn course credit and to get on-the-job experience.

The Georgia Tech Cable Network also provides entertainment programming. Those who love music videos should appreciate the TechKnow Channel (channel 16), which hosts the newest videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each week, Flava 101 and Phat Videos feature the latest music videos and bring students to events on and off-campus. GTCN’s comedy shows, Tech Shorts and Dr. Staff, poke fun at Tech life in creative, unusual, and good-natured ways. All of Tech’s student-produced shows are shown on the Ion Channel (channel 21).

GTCN is also an information outlet for Tech students. On the student organization level, the Georgia Tech Cable Network produces live broadcasts of the Student Government Association and the Resident Hall Association’s meetings. GTCN provides Cinema Select, a voting system where students who live on-campus can go online and vote for the movies they want to have shown in the following month.

GTCN’s student-produced newsmagazine, The Buzz, offers an array of stories each week that includes Tech news, international news, sports updates and even the latest weather information. For on-campus events, the TechKnow channel runs video ads, so students can always stay up-to-date on the latest Tech happenings.The Georgia Tech Cable Network is operated by and functions for the students. If you’re interested in being part of the GTCN team, you can reach them at (404) 894-0309.