Working together for our community.



Action Community Eastburn :

This group has been formed to bring back to Eastburn a community spirit and organise events to be enjoyed and participated in by all.

Everyone, young and old, is welcome to come along with ideas and offers of help to make our events fun and to feel part of a worthwhile cause.  All monies raised from events will be used within the community.

Meetings are held on a monthly basis at the Eastburn Inn.  Karen (licensee and also a valuable member of the group) encourages the use of the pub and its facilities, the garden, play areas and indoors, at no charge.  We as a group see the pub as the focal point for the village and welcome her input and assistance.

What is a community?:

   "A community is  comprised of people with
shared identity or interests coming together for a shared purpose."

The aims of A.C.E. :

Our aims are simple;

To build a community spirit where all are welcome and encouraged to participate in events.

To provide funding, by organising events throughout the year, for a regular season of community based activities.

To bring back to Eastburn a sense of pride and involvement in our community.

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