Express Mail Delivery Chart  


Guaranteed Day of Delivery for Next Day and Second Day
Express Mail Based Upon Day of Mailing

Day of Mailing (prior to published "Drop-Off" Times)
 Guaranteed Day of Delivery *** Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
 "2nd Delivery Day"  2/ 3/ 3/ 3/ 3/ MONDAY  3/  3/





*** For all Express Mail items, delivery on the Next Day, Second Day, or "2nd Delivery Day" is based in part on the ZIP Code™ of mailing (origin ZIP Code) and the ZIP Code of delivery (destination ZIP Code).

1/ Guaranteed Next Day delivery is available between many ZIP Codes for items mailed during the week, Monday through Friday.  The availability of Next Day service between ZIP Codes is more limited for items mailed on weekends or Federal holidays; for items destined to a ZIP Code that does not have delivery on Sundays or Federal holidays; and for Post Office™ - Post Office items or items addressed to a Post Office Box that are sent immediately prior to a weekend.  In such circumstances, or when the item is mailed to a remote destination ZIP Code, the guaranteed day of delivery will be the Second Day (or "2nd Delivery Day" as explained in note 2).

2/ "2nd Delivery Day" is not a distinct service, but applies to mailings to those ZIP Codes where postal delivery is not provided on Sundays or Federal holidays, and delivery is guaranteed on the next regular delivery day.  As indicated in the table, "2nd Delivery Day" typically applies only to mailings made on Friday to a destination that lacks Sunday/holiday delivery. In that case, the piece is guaranteed for delivery on the next regular delivery day, which is Monday, or Tuesday if Monday is a Federal holiday.  "2nd Delivery Day"  may also apply to Express Mail sent two days before a holiday:  for example, a piece mailed on a Tuesday to a remote destination that does not have Sunday/holiday delivery when Thursday is a Federal holiday would not be delivered until Friday (see note 3).  For Post Office - Post Office items or items' addressed to a Post Office Box sent immediately prior to a weekend, "2nd Day Delivery" may apply if the Post Office is closed on Saturday or has limited retail hours.

3/ "2nd Delivery Day" may apply to mailings on days other than Friday when the piece is sent before a holiday, and the destination does not have Sunday/holiday delivery.  In such a case, the piece will be guaranteed on the next regular delivery day, as follows:

Day of Mailing Holiday Scheduled Day of Delivery
Monday Wednesday Thursday
Tuesday Thursday Friday
Wednesday Friday Saturday
Thursday Saturday Sunday
Friday Sunday Monday
Saturday Monday Tuesday
Sunday Tuesday Wednesday
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