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Where the hell is my TabNet?

This lack of tabnet leaves me nowhere to talk about lunch. Damn you fickle nternet! (Have you considered: TalkingAboutLunch??)

Someone wants you to know: "okbr zsqju tpig trbzyxc zorgijk pqlhwcyu eyasj" ... and has been willing to destructively wipe the whole frontpage to get the word out. Please, write it down so they don't need to use such broad strokes next time.

Can we, huh, change the size settings on the tabnet graphic so that it is not squished? Thanks.

Q: What is yellow, flies through walls, and changes colour?

 <thorn> this is a list of the files that belong in this file.
 any other file is a FAKE, and DON'T TRUST IT.




FanDom (oh shit, really?)





Did I miss the running page?

Check TextFormattingRules for the lowdown on the markup.
Check CapitalizationDebate for the lowdown on proper capitalization.


A: A magic banana on acid.

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