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Anthony Browne is an internationally recognized author and illustrator of children's books, with nearly forty titles to his name. He creates strongly narrative watercolours that blend near-photographic realism with fantastical, surreal touches and ingenious visual puns. His skilful use of colour, pattern and background detail subtly conveys an exquisite empathy for his lonely and sensitive child protagonists (both human and ape). Gorillas feature in many of Anthony's books. He says, "I am fascinated by them and the contrast they represent - their huge strength and gentleness. They're thought of as being very fierce creatures and they're not." He attended Leeds Art College, where he graduated with a graphic arts degree in 1967. Before focusing full-time on children's books, he worked as a medical illustrator for three years and illustrated greeting cards for Gordon Fraser in the UK for fifteen years. His books have received many distinctions, including the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1983 for Gorilla and again in 1992 for Zoo. Gorilla (1983), Alice's Adventure in Wonderland (1988) and Voices in the Park (1998) all won the Kurt Maschler Emil Award. In 2000 he received the highest international honour for illustration, the Hans Christian Andersen Award, for his services to children's literature - the first British illustrator ever to win the prize. More recently he was Illustrator in Residence at The Tate, from which he produced The Shape Game.

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Anthony Browne's King Kong from the story conceived by Edgar Wallace and Merian C. Cooper. First published in 1994 by Julia MacRae Books. A new paperback edition of the book published 2005 by Picture Corgi.

A stunning, dramatic version of the classic film, King Kong.

Anthony has always acknowledged the movie to be one of the most potent influences on his work.

Anthony Browne

The following illustrations are from The Good Book Guide to Children’s Books, published in 1985 by Penguin.

Anthony Browne

Willy the Champ, writtten and illustrated by Hans Christian Andersen Award winner, Anthony Browne. First published 1985 by Julia MacRae Books, this edition published 1996 by Walker Books.

Anthony Browne

Anthony Browne

Anthony Browne
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Through the Magic Mirror, Hamish Hamilton Children's Books, 1976
A Walk in the Park, Hamish Hamilton Children's Books, 1977
Bear Hunt, Hamish Hamilton Children's Books, 1979
Look What I've Got!, Julia MacRae Books 1980
Hansel and Gretel, Julia MacRae Books 1981
Bear Goes to Town, Hamish Hamilton Children's Books, 1982
Gorilla, Julia MacRae/Walker Books, 1983
The Visitors Who Came to Stay, written by Annalena McAfee, Hamish Hamilton Children's Books, 1984
Willy the Wimp, Julia MacRae/Walker Books, 1985
Knock, Knock, Who's There, written by Sally Grindley, Hamish Hamilton Children's Books, 1985
Willy the Champ, Julia MacRae/Walker Books, 1985
Piggybook, Julia MacRae/Walker Books, 1986
Kirsty Knows Best, written by Annalena McAfee, Julia MacRae Books, 1988
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll, Julia MacRae/Walker Books, 1988
Little Bear Book, Hamish Hamilton Children's Books, 1988
I Like Books, Julia MacRae Books, 1988
Things I Like, Walker Books, 1989
A Bear-y Tale, Hamish Hamilton Children's Books, 1989
The Tunnel, Julia MacRae/Walker Books, 1990
Trail of Stones, written by Gwen Strauss, Random House Children's Books, 1990
Changes, Julia MacRae Books, 1990
Willy and Hugh, Julia MacRae/Random House Children's Books, 1991
The Night Shimmy, written by Gwen Strauss, Julia MacRae/Random House Children's Books, 1991
Zoo, Julia MacRae Books, 1993
The Big Baby, Julia MacRae Books, 1993
The Topiary Garden, written by Janni Howker, Julia MacRae Books, 1993
The Daydreamer, written by Ian McEwan, Jonathan Cape, 1994
King Kong, from the story conceived by Edgar Wallace and Merian Cooper, Julia MacRae Books, 1994
Willy the Wizard, Julia MacRae Books, 1995
Willy the Dreamer, Walker Books, 1997
Voices in the Park, Doubleday, 1998
My Dad, Doubleday, 2000
Willy's Pictures, Walker Books, 2000
The Animal Fair, Walker Books, 2002
The Shape Game, Doubleday, 2003
Into the Forest, Walker Books, 2004
My Mum, Doubleday, 2005
Silly Billy Walker Books, 2006
My Brother, Doubleday, 2007
Little Beauty, Walker Books, to be published in 2008

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