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Calypso Canada speeds ahead with INETCO CashGateTM

The Client

Calypso Canada Ltd. provides transaction-processing services to financial institutions, retailers and other corporate organizations Canada-wide. Calypso is a subsidiary of Triton Systems Inc. - the number one cash-dispenser manufacturer of independent or "white label" ATMs in Canada.

The Problem

Recently, Canadian regulations were amended to allow privately-owned banking machines in the Canadian marketplace. Calypso wanted to capitalize on this window of opportunity by developing the cash machine transaction processing market niche.

Calypso wanted to use Datapac, Canada's national packet switching network, to provide them with Interac Shared Cash Dispensing for their ATMs. However, Calypso also needed to support various other ATM access methods, creating a need for a common interface for all ATMs.

Furthermore, Calypso wanted to develop the emerging wireless ATM market, which required extensive protocol support. Calypso needed a communications solution that could support various dial-up ATM access methods, while allowing transparent integration with their wireless network.

The Solution

INETCO Systems Ltd., a leading provider of high-end data communications solutions for companies that depend on transaction processing, delivered an ideal solution with their CashGateTM software. INETCO CashGate supports virtually all dial ATM connections on one consolidated network.

CashGate allowed Calypso to support all of their ATM access methods in-house, providing fast, reliable and secure connectivity with Datapac. In addition to supporting dial-up ATMs, CashGate provided support for wireless CDPD networks and VISA II protocol termination.

CashGate's simple installation and easy network management allowed Calypso an extremely fast time to market. In addition, CashGate's scalable architecture offered enormous flexibility for future network expansion.

"We needed a powerful, flexible communications solution that could support all of our transaction needs," said Doug Epp, Manager, Calypso Canada. "CashGate was simply the best solution available."

The Impact

CashGate allowed Calypso to:

•  Support multiple ATM access methods in house
•  Enhance Triton's expanding platforms in Canada
•  Connect to both Datapac and wireless networks with the possibility of direct PSTN connections in the future
•  Expand their network without replacing hardware or software

"Working together, INETCO and Calypso developed a winning solution using one of INETCO's many products designed specifically to provide solutions for companies that depend on financial transactions," said Gordon Chan, Vice President Sales, INETCO Systems.

Calypso is interested in developing the leased-line ATM and point-of-sale markets, goals that CashGate can easily accommodate.

"Calypso Canada's use of CashGate for virtually limitless network expansion creates exciting opportunities for the industry to bring new developments to the marketplace - from dial-up and wireless CDPD ATMs to point-of-sale marketing," said Brian Kett, Director of Canadian operations for Triton Systems.

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