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Director's message
Director's message
Director Hidenori SakanakaOur country, Japan will soon be facing population decreasing society.

If we think about modernization of Japan since the Meiji era has been conducted based on population increase, emergence of population decreasing society will difinately force us massive revolution of the country just like the Meiji revolution.

Therefore, immigration policy, which has direct impact on our population issue, is becoming more and more important in the population decreasing society. Accepting of immigrants from overseas will inevitably become one of effective policies against population decrease.

However, I have to admit that our commitment to immigration policy is not at all satisfactory in the government, administration, academic fields.

Currently, even though about two million foreigners in Japan are facing various problems in the Japanese society, not so much action has been taken for them and they are left unsupported.

Furthermore, discussion on immigration policy to combat population decrease has not ever been seen neither in political parties, academic circles nor journalism.

In this situation, I believe that extensive research on immigration policy is strongly required to reveal the source of the problem and to find out the future direction. I also believe that immigration policy will have significant impact on the future Japanese society.

Japan Immigration Policy Institute (JIPI) was established to answer those needs from our society by experts and researchers on immigration issues.

We will examine the way we Japanese live and the future direction of our society by putting immigration as one of main concepts, to counter the massive change of our country caused by population decrease.

We will also make active proposals on immigration policy by organizing research group, giving public lectures, and by publishing research papers and so on.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation to the activities of JIPI.

5 October, 2005
Hidenori Sakanaka
Director, Japan Immigration Policy Institute


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