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USENOV, Daniyar Toktogulovich
leader of the El party
Born in 1960 in Frunze (Bishkek)

Married, two sons

1982 -- Graduates Frunze Polytechnics Institute

1982-84 -- Served in the Soviet army

1984-90 -- Worked at the Kara-Balta ore-processing plant as an engineer in the mechanization and automation section

1990-92 -- First deputy chairman of the Kara-Balta city executive council, deputy head of the Kara-Balta city administration

1990-95 -- Deputy in the Kara-Balta City Council and Chu Oblast council

1992-93 -- Assistant head of the Chu Oblast state administration, executive director of the Kyrgyz-British investment company

1994-95 -- General director of the financial-industrial corporation Eridan

1995-2000 -- Elected deputy in the Legislative Assembly

January 2000 -- Charged for causing bodily harm

6 March 2000 -- Central Election Commission bans Usenov from running in second round of parliamentary elections, in results from the first round Usenov was the leader

10 March 2000 -- Bishkek district court disqualifies Usenov out of parliamentary elections

11 March 2000 -- Supreme Court upholds Bishkek district court verdict barring Usenov from participating in elections

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