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  Saturday, September 29, 2007

5/5/2004 1:48:00 PM

Johnny Swinger interview

by Mike Sawyer


Q: Where did you train to be a Pro Wrestler?
A: I trained at Sulley's in Toronto with Edge and Christian. I was there 6 months before I had a match.
Q: What is your relationship with them now?
A: I'm still very close with Adam and Jay and I speak to them both quite regularly.
Q: Vince loves Adam. What is taking so long for you in WWE?
A: Vince does love Adam and when you are at that level your under a lot of pressure and there is a lot of people calling him for favors.
Q: Where was your first match and who was it with?
A: A guy named Eric Freeze in Winnipeg and brother did I freeze out there!
Q: You went to WCW. Were you the youngest guy under contract?
A: I think myself and Rey Mysterio were the youngest. We were both 21.
Q: Who made the push for you?
A: Terry Taylor took a liking to me when I was going in for jobs and after moving to Atlanta, JJ Dillon put me over to Bischoff several times before finally getting the green light to hire me.
Q: Worst Rib played on you your Rookie year?
A: Don Callis booked me in an angle with a Hillbilly where I did a job in a loser must kiss a Pig match.
Q: Your first encounter with Eric Bischoff?
A: Eric approached me the first time after I made Ernest Miller look good in his first match at Universal Studios. He was impressed and asked me my situation. I was hired a short time later. I actually worked with Goldberg in I think his second match ever that same week.
Q: Lets play word association.....
Hulk Hogan?
A: Person I would most like to do something with.
A: biggest star to never work for Vince, nice guy, fellow Christian.
A: Greatest of all-time.
Scott Hall?
A: best big-man worker ever.
Kevin Nash?
A: Smartest big-man ever.
Q: You went to ECW. What was that like?
A: I loved ECW. It's the place where I gained my confidence as a performer.
Q: Difference between Heyman and Bischoff?
A: Paul was a great motivator. Eric only associated with the top guys. Paul made everyone seem important. Even the Towel boy was over. He was a kid that between matches would run down the ropes with a towel and the marks would root for him.
Q: I never hear anything good about Bubba Ray Dudley. How was he?
A: I like Bubba. ECW was like a big family. I was close with everyone except a couple of guys. It was great and I really miss it.
Q: The rumors about the locker room was legendary. Best fight we didn't see?
A: In Ft. Lauderdale the Sandman was drunk as usual. He decided to pull his pants down in the middle of the ring. Tommy Dreamer was livid. He was scared we would not be allowed back. There was a huge pull-apart in the lockeroom with Paul in the middle of it. At one point, Sandman grabbed Dawn Marie's comb out of her purse and began to comb his pubic hair with it as Tommy was being restrained.
Q: It was there where you suffered your first big injury. What happened?
A: It was a tag match and Christian York got a hot tag and punched me square in the eye. It shattered my eye socket and I needed surgery. I missed three weeks. If your not there you don't get paid.
Q: Lets talk about TNA. You have to be looking forward to Orlando. Except for the obvious why will it be a good thing?
A: I still have not been told officially anything about the Orlando deal. I think we really need it. Sometimes I look at the TV show and think we are running just a TV show on a PPV.
Q: What was the reaction to the rumors about Hogan coming in? What about Nash and Savage rumors?
A: I was excited. What better rub can you get than Hogan? If we can mix Nash and Savage in with the crew and not just Jeff Jarrett it could be nice.
Q: Here is your chance to give us a good Disco Inferno story.
A: Disco was sitting on a plane behind Arn Anderson. Mike Enos is on a cell phone and Arn tells him to turn it off. He tells him several times. Finally, Arn threatens Enos and Disco jumps up with four fingers in the air and says, "Yeah Arn, take care of him Horseman style"! Arn turned around and bitched slapped him right in the face.
Q: Lets play word association again......
A: cool guys, but I'm not a fan of their music.
Jeff Jarrett?
A: gave me an opportunity.
A: hardest worker in the business.
A: looks out for his friends.
Mike Tenay?
A: The professor.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 2005?
A: If TNA is still around I'm contracted to be there. If not, hopefully WWE will have interest. I would love to work with Edge in NY.

Mike Sawyer

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