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Letters to the Editor

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Open Board Meetings to Alumni


Now that William Neukom is primed to depart the College Board of Trustees, the Board should be able to adopt an open meetings policy for all College alumni. Undergraduates and alumni express to me confusion and surprise over the ban against any alumni presence at a trustees meeting. Until I was able to effectuate a rule change, the same policy once applied to the Alumni Council meetings.

The idea of excluding interested alumni from Board meetings is plainly antithetical, even debasing, to an institution which stands for democratic principles. Corporate Boards of Directors open their meetings to stockholders at least annually. While alumni are inveighed continuously and vigorously to contribute to the alumni fund, they are deprived of the same courtesy taxpayers receive in terms of attending public meetings of taxpayer-supported governing boards.

The Board of Trustees’ policy insults contributing alumni who furnish the money then appropriated for the college administration by that same governing board. All interested alumni should demand that the Board of Trustees permit alumni attendance at Board meetings by any duly-verified member of the alumni body, excepting only discussion and action concerning (1) personnel matters and (2) litigation, either pending or plainly indicated, and (3) purchase and sale of real property.

Yours truly,
Quentin L. Kopp ‘49

Alum Calls Out New-School Heorots


I am a ‘57 who just returned from reunion. I am definitely pro-Greek and must say the highlight of my trip to Hanover was a late evening spent in the basement of Chi Phi which is now called Chi Hoerot [sic]. During 1957-1957 [sic] the brothers at Chi Phi had tapped at least one quarter keg each night for 69 nights.

On the 69th night they staged a gala celebration to which each of us who had contributed to their kegs were invited by formal invitation. I presented my slightly soiled aforementioned invitation to the social chairman of Chi Hoerot [sic]. He seemed pleased.

I then found my way to the basement where I was told they were playing beer-pong. My gracious, the game I witnessed was a very different game than that which we had invented in 1956.

During a real game of beer-pong, two ping-pong players proceed with a regulation game including a net and score. Those interested in playing beer-pong place their cups of beer on the table in strategic areas. If their cup was hit they chugged a full cup. If the ball went into their cup they had to chug three full cups. There was no sipping off the top of the cup!

The reason for this message has to do with a graduate of Dartmouth from the class of 1979, residing in Vermont. She may be an alumna or he may be an alumnus, but there is no sexual preference or identity that would allow a person to be alumni.

Wah Hoo Wah
Dr. Bob Shirley ‘57 M’58