The Pulitzer Prize Award Winners
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Journalism Awards
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PUBLIC SERVICE Panama City (Fla.) News-Herald
For its three-year campaign against entrenched power and corruption, with resultant reforms in Panama City and Bay County.
LOCAL REPORTING, EDITION TIME Robert D. Mulllins of Deseret News, Salt Lake City
For his resourceful coverage of a murder and kidnapping at Dead Horse Point, Utah.
LOCAL REPORTING, NO EDITION TIME George Bliss of Chicago Tribune
For his initiative in uncovering scandals in the Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago, with resultant remedial action.
NATIONAL REPORTING Nathan G. Caldwell and Gene S. Graham of Nashville Tennessean
For their exclusive disclosure and six years of detailed reporting, under great difficulties, of the undercover cooperation between management interests in the coal industry and the United Mine Workers.
INTERNATIONAL REPORTING Walter Lippmann of New York Herald Tribune Syndicate
For his 1961 interview with Soviet Premier Khrushchev, as illustrative of Lippmann's long and distinguished contribution to American journalism.
EDITORIAL WRITING Thomas M. Storke of Santa Barbara (Calif.) News-Press
For his forceful editorials calling public attention to the activities of a semi-secret organization known as the John Birch Society.
EDITORIAL CARTOONING Edmund S. Valtman of Hartford Times
"What You Need, Man, Is a Revolution Like Mine," published on August 31, 1961
PHOTOGRAPHY Paul Vathis of Harrisburg, Pa., bureau of the Associated Press
For the photograph, "Serious Steps," published April 22, 1961.

Letters, Music and Drama Awards
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FICTION The Edge of Sadness by Edwin O'Connor (Little)
DRAMA How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying by Frank Loesser and Abe Burrows
HISTORY The Triumphant Empire: Thunder-Clouds Gather in the West 1763-1766 by Lawrence H. Gipson (Knopf)
POETRY Poems by Alan Dugan (Yale Univ. Press)
GENERAL NON-FICTION The Making of the President 1960 by Theodore H. White (Atheneum)
MUSIC The Crucible by Robert Ward
An opera in three acts, Libretto by Bernard Stambler, based on the play by Arthur Miller. First performed at New York City Center, on October 26, 1961 by the New York City Opera Company.

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