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Sep 30, 2007 9:48:05 GMT+0800
2007-08-15 print  Print
Acer Group Founder Stan Shih to Be President Chen's Representative at APEC Economic Leaders Meeting

President Chen Shui-bian on August 15 announced that Mr. Stan Shih, the founder of the Acer group, will be his representative at this year's APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in Australia in September.

Mr. Shih is well-known as one of Taiwan's most outstanding entrepreneurs. In addition to being responsible for creating the Acer brand name and paving the way for Acer products to be sold worldwide, helping to boost international awareness of Taiwan, he was also selected by Time magazine in 2006 in its list of Asian Heroes. The American business weekly BusinessWeek in 2004 selected Mr. Shih as an Asian Star of the year. In addition, America's Cable News Network in 2003 called Mr. Shih an entrepreneur with significant foresight, helping Taiwan to become a global leader in the high-tech industry. Mr. Shih has won accolades and praise throughout the world and in the corporate circle, in effect becoming a spokesman for boosting Taiwan's image.  

Mr. Shih received all of his education on Taiwan and has spared no effort in promoting the development of local companies and the high-tech industry. President Chen expressed his appreciation to Mr. Shih for agreeing to serve as the leader's representative at APEC on his behalf, adding that he is confident Mr. Shih will employ his talents in speaking up for Taiwan in the international arena.


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