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"Gay Rights" Lobby Target School Children

BNP Student Organiser Tony Wentworth reports on Labour's gay sex plan for British schoolkids.

It has been revealed that not only are the New Labour government supporting a scheme to attract foreign homosexuals to Britain but they are now funding 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender History Month (their own capitals). Stephen Twigg MP for Enfield Southgate, who ironically took his seat from Tory Michael Portillo, who has been alleged of having a homosexual past says that "We will be encouraging schools to take part" and his department has given £16,000 to fund the scheme.

Dodging parent's rights

After discovering Twigg's intention I sent him the following email:-

Mr Twigg,

I write to you in your capacity as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools. It is reported that you support the LGBT History Month project and are planning to promote it in schools (source - Can you please confirm that you will be seeking parent's permission before undertaking this exercise and will be offering them the option of withdrawing their children from this if they so wish. Furthermore, do you believe that the promotion of this lifestyle choice is appropriate for school children?

In anticipation of your reply.

Yours etc

Tony Wentworth

This email has been sent to both his constituency and DFES email addresses yet it took the DFES nearly three weeks to respond. But his department have confirmed that they are spending £16,000 of taxpayer's money on this project. Notwithstanding the alarming illiteracy and innumeracy rates in this country along with young Britons appalling knowledge of history and geography, the Minister in question, in line with what seems to be New Labour orthodoxy these days has not bothered to consult parents and ask them if they approve of such a scheme. Most parents will naturally be opposed to this move but since when have their opinions and concerns been on Labour's agenda?

A Guardian reading Islingtonian from the DFES did respond to my email, eventually. She stated that the reason for such a move was to combat 'bullying' against homosexual children in schools. Her constant references to "required by law" and "the law states" makes it clear that "bullying" is only an excuse to force through the Labour governments twisted agenda. There have been no consultations with parents, the various Christian or even non-Christian faith, who all no doubt would have opposed the government's plans, as they did with Section 28. The BNP, however, takes the consideration of parents and the well being of children very seriously which is why we have looked into what steps parents can take to protect their kids.

Polluting Children's Minds

On the agenda for 'LGBT History Month' will be teaching children as young as seven that William Shakespeare was a closest homosexual, and too, apparently, was Florence Nightingale, as was, according to them, Sir Isaac Newton. For many British school children this will be the first they have heard of William Shakespeare, Florence Nightingale or Sir Isaac Newton and it will leave the lasting impression that it is "cool to be camp." Who are they going to "out" next? Will it be revealed that Admiral Horatio Nelson went around proclaiming "I'm the only gay on the Victory" or that Lord Kitchener and Earl Haig had inappropriate obsessions with their young conscripts?

It is with little surprise that we learn that the 'inspiration' for this comes from 'Black History Month', held every October and supported by the government, mainly through their Race Gestapo, the Commission for Racial Equality. And just like BHM, LGBT History Month has the sole purpose of distorting the facts in order to follow a politically correct agenda aimed at giving youngster and ultimately society as a whole the impression of the "benefits" of "diversity".

"we have provided Schools Out with £16,000 to support their LGBT History Month website.  Their aim is to make clear that positive contributions to society are made by people of all sexual orientations, just as they are by people of all ethnicities." - Anne Howat, DFES

Often, you'll hear the 'gay right' lobby complain that they wish to be treated as equals and their sexuality should not be an issue, yet they are always first to trumpet the 'achievements' of homosexuals. One such example is the Zanzibar born rocker with Iranian ancestry, Freddie Mercury. How he can be defined as 'British' and exactly what his 'positive contribution' has been is anyone's guess. But while they're making unsubstantiated claims that some of Britain's real icons (Shakespeare, Nightingale etc) are driving on the other side of the road they are ignoring the real cultural and industrial input of British and European pioneers.

People such as Faraday, Watt, Nietzsche (who, by the way is also claimed to have stayed in the 'closet'), Logie Baird, Wagner, Hargreaves , Beethoven, Napier, Wren, Marconi, Edison, Graham Bell, Archimedes and many dozens of others have been put on the back burner (no pun intended) for the sake of this sick politically correct social engineering experiment designed purely, just like Black History Month, to distort the minds of young White Britons and leave them in the blissful ignorance of real history and the achievements of which they should rightly feel proud.

Labour's "Gay Rights" Folly

Given Labour's track record, this was bound to happen sooner or later. In the last four years alone they have abolished Section 28, which protected children from pro-homosexual propaganda in schools, promoted child adoption by "same-sex" couples, introduced a form of "gay marriage" and lowered the age of consent to 16 - with some campaigners urging that it be dropped even further.

So let's face, now Section 28 is out the window this was bound to happen sooner or later as they've already got plans to teach 'gay sex' in Sex Education lessons in schools.

While it is not the fault of individual homosexuals that the government push this agenda it is the fault of the so called "Gay Rights Lobby" who constantly contradict themselves by claiming "our sexuality shouldn't be an issue" yet are always the first to scream "homophobia" when things don't go their way. What consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their own homes is their business as long as it doesn't involve children or animals. But what a lot of ordinary people object to is the way that such a lifestyle is being forced upon them, usually through the mass media.

BNP - Defending parent's rights

In response to dozens of requests from parents the BNP Legal Team have undertaken a little research and prepared a letter that parents can use to have their children removed not only from LGBT Month but also from certain parts of the sex-education syllabus. Tucked away in Section 405 of the Education Act 1996 is a clause that allows parents to withdraw children from any kind of sex-education - this includes such things as 'LGBT' History Month. If you have any queries, please email us .

The letter can be downloaded as a MS Word file here.


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