Who Is Andrew Martin Out To Punish In TNA Wrestling? News
August 5th, 2007 17:55
By Brandon Finch

No one expected to see “The Punisher” Andrew Martin when he appeared on iMPACT! and aligned himself with Abyss and Sting. The 6’6, 219 pound Andrew Martin came to aid Sting and Abyss, who were involved in a tag team ladder match against A.J. Styles and Christian Cage. Many fans had not seen this wrestling star on their television sets for some time. When he did show up on the August 2nd edition of iMPACT!, we all were surprised to see him side with Sting and Abyss.

Andrew Martin started his pro wrestling career in 1997. His physical gifts and ego have always rubbed the fans and his fellow stars the wrong way. Simply put, he has been considered an arrogant jerk. I’m sure those watching at home and in attendance that night thought Martin would side with Cage and Styles, but that wasn’t the case. I have to wonder if Sting is again trying to help Andrew Martin, the same way he helped Abyss. Sting has been a star that has lived, learned and has been willing to help others find their own way. After years of being hated and jeered by fans has Martin seemingly tried to change his old ways?

I have to wonder if Sting and Abyss can trust him? A lot of arrows could point to Martin possibly turning on Sting and Abyss. Sting is definitely a guy that is committed to helping his fellow TNA stars, even at his own physical and mental expense. Abyss will always be used as an example to how far Sting will go to help someone. To Sting, it’s a priceless reward to help those that need it and are at times lost. Sting, during his storied career, didn’t always make the right choices personally. Sting understands the trappings of pro wrestling.

I’d like to remain optimistic and hope this is not all some elaborate trap by Christian’s Coalition for Sting and Abyss. I think Andrew Martin is looking for a new start in TNA. I think the prospect of starting over and being embraced by the fans as he fights alongside Abyss and Sting is incentive for him. To be a punisher is to inflict punishment. I would like to think Andrew is inflicting punishment on Christian’s Coalition for the crimes they have committed. I’d like to think Andrew Martin is taking a stand and siding with Sting and Abyss as a way of trying to redeem himself from his past. At one time, Martin might have made a great addition for Cage and crew, but he has decided not to take the quick and easy path. This could very well be because of the mentorship of Sting.

Time will tell exactly who Andrew Martin is out to punish.

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