Exclusive Interview with The Amazing Red Interviews
July 3rd, 2004 22:58
Yes, the Amazing Red speaks! In this TNAwreslting.com exclusive, the X Division superstar conducts his first-ever interview! TNA referee and website contributor Andrew Thomas got a chance to sit down with Red this past Wednesday prior to the Pay-Per-View to discuss a number of topics, including his TNA career, his major knee injury, his matches with AJ Styles and so much more. It's a rare opportunity to get to know one of the most popular - but quietest - superstars in TNA: Total Nonstop Action history!

AT: Amazing Red, how are you doing today?

RED: I’m doing good, thanks

AT: Let’s start off by asking where you’re originally from

RED: San Juan, Puerto Rico

AT: And where are you currently living?

RED: In Brooklyn, New York

AT: When did you move from Puerto Rico to New York?

RED: When I was four, I moved to New York

AT: What did your parents think about your love of wrestling as a kid growing up?

RED: I grew up with my mom. I really didn’t know my dad until later in life. But my mom didn’t like me watching wrestling. She thought it was too dangerous. I never paid attention to her. Me and my cousins used to wrestle everywhere we could, anyway.

AT: Your cousins are the SAT’s correct?

RED: Yes

AT: Did you tell your mom you wanted to be a wrestler when you were a kid? Is that why she said it was too dangerous?

RED: Yes, she didn’t want me to wrestle at all. But now she likes it. I guess because she sees me on television and her son is famous (laughs)

AT: How long have you been in wrestling?

RED: I’ve been wrestling for seven years now

AT: At what age did you start?

RED: When I was 16

AT: Who trained you?

RED: First, me and my cousins were trained by a Mexican wrestler named Aguila, but after that we finish our training with Mikey Whipwreck. We trained at the House of Hardcore for a year before it shut down.

AT: The House of Hardcore – was that Mikey Whipwreck’s school?

RED: It was the ECW training school

AT: From there, when was your first match and where did it take place?

RED: My first match was at a place called Arena Puerto Rico in Brooklyn and I was 16, I think. It was a free show…nobody got paid for it. But that was my first match.

AT: During the first year of TNA, you became the X Division Champion. A lot of people say that your match with AJ Styles was one of the best in 2002.

RED: I love working with AJ Styles. I think that match was really good,

AT: Where would you rank that match among your favorites?

RED: Probably at the top. Anytime you wrestle AJ, you’re going to have a good match. I’ve never had a bad match against him.

AT: You took some time of in 2003 to recover from a knee injury. Talk about that a little.

RED: I tore my ACL and my meniscus while wrestling in Japan against Jimmy Yang. I continued to wrestle for the rest of the tour, two weeks, so I ended up doing more damage to it. I was going to take eight months off, but I came back early after six months. I really missed wrestling. It was feeling better, but it wasn’t smart to come back early. So I took some more time off, got the proper surgery done and it’s doing good today.

AT: Let’s go back to your childhood a little bit. What wrestling did you watch growing up?

RED: First I started watching the WWF, then I started collecting tapes from Japan. I fell in love with the way they wrestled in Japan.

AT: Which wrestles did you idolize growing up?

RED: Probably Owen Hart, when he first did the Blue Blazer, because he really introduced high-flying to the U.S. back then. I also watched Hogan, the Warrior and Mr. Perfect and a lot of other guys in WWF.

AT: Who were your favorite Japanese wrestlers?

RED: Jushin Liger was the one that I enjoyed the most.

AT: You’ve spent some time wrestling in Japan, too. How is it?

RED: I spent about three months there. I liked it a lot.

AT: Did you learn any Japanese?

RED: Not really – the Japanese language is pretty difficult to understand. But they are able to speak certain words in English, so I was able to talk to a lot of people.

AT: So how long have you been back to TNA since the injury?

RED: About three months now

AT: How would you compare The Amazing Red now to The Amazing Red of 2003?

RED: I feel a lot better now, because I have more confidence in my knee. I like to go out there and entertain the people, and TNA is where it’s at right now. I feel like I’m back to 100 percent now, and it feels great.

AT: Thanks Red!

RED: No problem
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