Official "iMPACT!" Results For Thursday, August 23, 2007 Impact Results
August 24th, 2007 12:36
By Mike Kerrigan

iMPACT! opens up as Kurt and Karen Angle arrive to the arena. Jeremy Borash comes up and asks Kurt what he’s going to do if the Steiner Brothers win tonight and then have 5 minutes alone with Karen. Kurt tries to ignore JB and tells Karen to get out of the car. Karen finally does so, but tells Kurt “Get me out of this!” as she walks into the building. Kurt then tells JB that he needs a divorce.

The first match of the night starts off as Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks challenge Kazarian and Gail Kim. Kazarian gains control early on in the match, but is distracted by Ms. Brooks – which sets up for a spinebuster from Roode. Gail is able to tag in, as does Ms. Brooks, but Brooks is met by a vicious spear by Gail followed by a small package. Gail picks up the victory and Roode blames it all on Ms. Brooks. As Roode yells at his CEO, Kazarian comes in and shoves Roode followed by a Yakuza kick that sends Roode to the floor. Kazarian grabs the mic and says “There’s 2 things wrong with you Robert Roode. 1— you’re a prick! 2 – you have no idea how to treat a real lady.” Kazarian then goes and kisses Ms. Brooks on her cheek – to which it seems that Ms. Brooks enjoys.

Next, video is shown from Christian Cage’s home, where Cage looks like he’s on his deathbed. Cage tells AJ and Tomko to take care of Samoa Joe.

Cowboy James Storm’s “Bar Crawl” is then shown. It seems as though Storm thinks Rhino is out drinking and he scours the bar scene to try and find the War Machine – but to no avail.

Back in Jim Cornette’s office, Kurt and Karen Angle are still trying to get out of the stipulations for the main event match. Jim Cornette refuses and tells Kurt that next week there will it will be determined who Kurt’s tag team partner will be in the match against Team Pacman.

Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. Eric Young is up next. Eric takes it to Truth early on in the match – even showing off some of his aerial moves with a suicidal dive though the ropes. Throughout the match, Dustin Rhodes (not in his Black Reign attire) is seen in the crowd cheering on Eric Young. The Truth goes to get a chair, but EY dropkicks it into Truth’s face. Eric goes up to the top rope, but Truth throws Rudy into the turnbuckle, making Eric fall to the mat in the process. Truth then hits Eric with the chair, followed up by a big leg drop to get the victory. Pacman Jones then comes to the ring and Truth tells the camera man to get ready for a “Sportscenter Moment” as Pacman spray paints “PAC” across Eric’s back.

JB is in the back when Tomko and AJ come up looking for Samoa Joe and walk off. Team 3D then enters and say that they are sorry for the things they have done in recent weeks. They apologize to the Steiners, JB, and the fans in the Impact Zone and around the world.

AJ and Tomko are seen right outside Joe’s locker-room, when out of nowhere, Joe pulls in Tomko and a lot of crashing and banging is heard from the outside. AJ pounds on the door, trying to get inside. Joe then opens the door and AJ asks “Is Tomko in there?” Joe then chases AJ off camera. Back from the break, AJ is seen being chased by Samoa Joe around the ring. Joe catches up with the Phenomenal One and attacks him. Tomko comes down to the ring just long enough to distract Joe’s attention. Christian Cage then makes a surprise appearance and hits Joe from behind. Cage hits Joe with a conchairto as Joe lay motionless on the mat.

A video is shown of Jim Mitchell. He says to Abyss “Congratulations on your title match at No Surrender. By the way, did you like that little attack a couple weeks ago? There will be more surprises soon; because my son is coming…Judas Mesias is coming!!!”

Kurt Angle vs. the Steiner Brothers is up next. The Steiners take the action to Kurt quickly. Karen tries to get involved in the match numerous times, but the numbers are against Kurt. It looked as though the Steiners were going to get their 5 minutes with Karen when Rick hit a Bulldog from the top rope, but Team 3D entered the ring and gave a 3D to Dog-faced Gremlin – Allowing Kurt to pick up the victory in the process. The Angles quickly left the ringside area as the Steiners gave another 3D to Scott Steiner. Devon then placed Rick on Brother Ray’s shoulders, and Ray came down with a force; powerbombing Rick through a table, as the show came to a close.
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