It is officially announced that the UK will be getting "Run Baby Run" as the next official single from Bleed Like Me. The USA also is expected to get "Sex Is Not The Enemy" as it's 3rd official single. Play dates for "Sex Is Not The Enemy" should be seen on TV stations by late July, early August, and "Run Baby Run" by early - mid August. Several TV stations in the UK have already played "Run Baby Run" and even NME list on MTV Europe has a vote cast for the song. Here is the link to that: >>MTVE NME chart<<. To vote, click on the bottom left side where it says "VOTE NOW!" and pick "Run Baby Run". Vote as many times as you want for that. Also, new tour dates were announced for Mexico, USA, and the UK which can all be found at the official website.
Some rumors were speculating that the new US single is going to be "Run Baby Run", but from recent talks with a radio disc jockey mentioned that a new single was brought to them last week, and says that early adds for "Sex Is Not The Enemy" could be as soon as July 11. Though, another talk with a popular alternative station in NJ (G-rock Radio) mentioned they received "Run Baby Run" as the single to be played. So as of now, we are still speculating that either of these will become the next US single, though, it looks more like "Sex Is Not The Enemy" might be in fact the next official US single. Official word will be made soon if in fact these rumors are true.
In a letter I received from Geffen, I was told that depending on how the single "Sex Is Not The Enemy" or "Run Baby Run" does in the UK, that it will be crossed over to the USA as the next USA single. Sources say that a blitz of interviews are being held in the UK to promote the new single and get it off the ground. The video for "Run Baby Run" was shot in several locations in the UK, including Instabal, Paris, and different studios in London. The video should be premiering next week in OZ, and should be premiering in the UK very soon after.
The movie that "Why Do You Love Me" and "Run Baby Run" was pitched to was in fact X3: X-Men 3 which is slated to be released in May 2006. Both songs were pitched to be on the soundtrack album and may be one of the starting tracks to the movie. Also, "Run Baby Run" was pitched to the movie Mission Impossible 3 which is slated for a June 2006 release, no word to both of the movies yet on the results.

VH1 has added the video "Bleed Like Me" to it's rotation. If you can, please send an E-mail to VH1 @ Be sure to include the song name and band on it, and why you want to see it on the Top 20 countdown. Also, please visit the VH1 Top 20 Message Board. Be sure to include the song name and band in your thread title. Also try and bump the threads other people made there. All the votes by e-mail and MB are included, so please keep voting!
With recent talks with an associate from work, they were given a list of movies to come out late Fall and early Winter, and all of them needed some title songs to go along with the Movie pitches. My associate had said that 2 of the movies were pitched the song "Why Do You Love Me" and "Run Baby Run". Both movies are expected to come out within November - January of 2005-6, and we will find out if any of the songs pitched to the movie titles will be slated to come out as the movies soundtrack. I will keep you updated as far as that goes.
Garbage performed their newest single "Bleed Like Me" on the tonight show with Dave Letterman. The audience viewing for the show is about 2.5 million viewers so hopefully album sales could be boosted. The video for "Bleed Like Me" should be posted to TV station by next week, and the new "Sex Is Not The Enemy" video should be premiered on the official Garbage site by Saturday. Also, plans to do SNL and Jay Leno are in the works, nothing though has been confirmed. We could possibly see them on Leno by the end of May to beginning of June, and possibly SNL by summertime. Here are some pictures from the Letterman Show, please forgive the quality as I took them from my cellphone.
Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, Picture 7, Picture 8, Picture 9, Picture 10, Picture 11, Picture 12
The new video for "Sex Is Not The Enemy" was directed by Sophie Muller in New York City over 2 days. You can view the teasers at the official Garbage site. The video should be hitting airwaves by next week, as for the new video for "Bleed Like Me" in the USA, that should impact soon as well. Start e-mailing and writing to VH1, MTV, Fuse, and other TV stations. Also, early adds for "Bleed Like Me" are hitting airwaves, radio has been giving it a decent amount of spins, and it's climbing the chart very nicely, so please e-mail or call your local DJ's and request the new song "Bleed Like Me".
The new Bleed Like Me video can be seen via MSN music. The video depicts much of what Shirley described as a demented nurse. She follows her daily routine and in the end, it's her who needs to be helped. Adds for the video should be showing up on TV stations, including VH1, Fuse, and possibly MTV. Early adds on radio should be tomorrow, so all should be requesting the song! Word on the digital music video for Sex Is Not The Enemy should surface by mid May, and the video for Run Baby Run will be shot very soon.
With talks through my company, and from what Chris from Axis All Areas heard, Garbage will be performing on the late night talk show David Letterman. We believe that when the video for Bleed Like Me comes out, we expect them to go on the show. As well as for Jay Leno, where we might see Garbage there around the end of May before they head off to Europe for the festivals. Noting has been confirmed, but we are positive that Letterman will have them as the band to performe.

PDR magazine is a magazine for doctors who own their own practice (I had the magazine from a friend who's father has his own practice). Basically, it is a magazine that tells about new medicines and new drug related issues, and even goes into music and movies, and Garbage was on the "Band Of The Month" page. with a picture from the Los Angeles show and the red picture from the promo's. Anyway, here is the review:

Garbage, Bleed Like Me: Oozing with blood, rocks with a iron lung. (I guess it was a funny ha-ha joke for doctors.)

Who would of thought the band Garbage was coming back? Well, in perspective, we had no idea of happenings with the new record after their Beautiful Garbage tour. Supposenly they broke up and came back together, and a thankfully they did, they bring a power-punch of a CD called "Bleed Like Me" which debuted at number 4 on Billboard, making them the second highest rated comeback of 2005.

The band delivers a power-house of songs, such as the opener "Bad Boyfriend", she snarls: "I got something special for my bad boyfriend". The first single and video, "Why Do You Love Me", features Shirley and the band about how the breakup was and it's atmosphere. The song delivers much more than just a killer chorus line, but also a rant of a girl being free: "I get back up and do it again" she screams. The title track, "Bleed Like Me", is a sensational song, bringing friends of Shirley's into the mix, showing just how much people suffer, and sarcastically remarks: "You should see my scars" in a beautiful chorus-like hum. Other mentions worth mentioning includes: Run Baby Run, Metal Heart, Sex Is Not The Enemy, Boys Wanna Fight, and Happy Home. This not album will not only make you happy, but also make you realize that this band can be seen in the Rock n Roll hall of fame in 10 years time, as bloody as it sounds, this album reaks stardome.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
The new video was shot last week for the title track "Bleed Like Me" in a LA community hospital called "Linda Vista". The new video should be out by May 7th, 2005 and should have a dark video like "Queer". For "Sex Is Not The Enemy", our beliefs that it is promotions for commercial use, and that "Run Baby Run" will be the second single for the UK. Video shoot for that should be around next week to the end of April, and a single should emerge for both around the start of June. Also, the expected sales for BillBoard are around 75K - 85K, with a top 10 debut. Keep voting for "Why Do You Love Me" on your local radio stations! (Click these links: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, to get a few behind the scenes pictures of the new video for "Bleed Like Me")
Some new merchandise has already been in the making, including the first Bleed Like Me merchandise to buy. A new Garbage Bleed Like Me poster is now out courtesy by Push Posters. The pictures included are a photoshoot for Kerrang Magazine early in 2005. New merchandise including some T-shirts and some misc. items should be up by the end of April. Click the avatar to purchase the new Bleed Like Me poster.
Napster will soon be going into video format, and on it's launch, a Garbage documentry will be the first documentry to be seen on the newest show. April 16th this Saturday in the UK, Garbage will be performing on Channel 4 at midnight, known to have a biography, a competition and a interview with the band. Check your local listings for other show details. With that said, Napster might be bringing this to the USA, no confirmations on it's release in the USA. The competition might be a free ticket to a concert and a meet 'n greet, plus a signed copy of the album Bleed Like Me.
A confirmation sent to my office was that the new single will in fact be the self titled track "Bleed Like Me". It is also known that Sophie Muller will also be directing the new video, and should be shooting within the first 2 weeks of April. A launch of the new video is possible around May 9th 2005. Also mentioning that a seperate single will be launched in the UK, which as far as we know will be "Sex Is Not The Enemy". A video for that should be taking place when Garbage is finished with it's first lag of the tour, which should be by Mid-April. No confirmations on the release date for "Sex Is Not The Enemy" or it's actual release, but we shall see in the later weeks.
An article from the Scotsman said that the new single will be the title-track, which is Bleed Like Me. Also mentioned that Shirley might be showing a bit more skin than usual for the video, maybe even a nude scene. No confirmations as of yet on the new single, but you can click on the avatar above and listen to a segment of "Bleed Like Me". Please keep calling your local radio stations and requesting Why Do You Love Me, we lost some spins last week and we need to keep requesting to get it back on the top 10.
Here is a little clip of what could be the next single to hit airwaves this May. It is the track "Sex Is Not The Enemy", the recorded part is from the chorus. The video for "Why Do You Love Me" is hitting Fuse TV and VH1, and soon to be MTV and MTV2. Please keep voting for them and requesting the new single on the radio!

As the banner says, this is a campaign for the new album "Bleed Like Me", which is called "Operation Triple Threat". Basically, what this means is that when you go to the CD store to purchase the new album, instead of just buying one copy, buy 2 - 4 copies of the album. That way record sales (units) can soar up the billboard and music charts. Even if you have money for only one copy, the following weeks when you get payed or when you recieve your allowance, go out or order online another copy to keep. Other artists have done this in the past, such as Björk and Harlow, and copies of their sales skyrocketed after their campaign. We want to do the same, so please, any spare money you got, please go out and buy more than just one copy of the album "Bleed Like Me". Lets make this record better than their other albums!
I recently was able to speak to a radio promotions jockey from the alternative station GROCK 106.3. Her name is Jenna and she gave me a nice quick review about the new album "Bleed Like Me".
Question: So Jenna, I heard you were able to listen to the whole album called "Bleed Like Me" by Garbage, what are your thoughts and predictions on this album?
Jenna: I think Garbage is one of the only bands that can actually make me sit down and listen to the WHOLE CD rather than skipping a few to get to a certain song. My feelings towards this album is that this album totally brings the live and uniqueness that is Garbage. I believe it has a little bit of everything from each album, and I see more and more newer fans beginning to love this band. I honestly predict this album to at least go double platinum by the end of the term year. Each song is a representation on what Shirley Manson was feeling during the recording process.
Question: Sounds good, so what do think of the new single "Why Do You Love Me" and could you name songs that you just can't get hammered out of your head?
Jenna: "Why Do You Love Me" is really ingenious, I really like how it starts out with a bang, then receeds to a hard hitting guitar riff and leads to Shirley's beautiful voice. Each chorus line is very well stringed together, and I love the undertone of her lyrics. Other songs I really enjoyed, well, like I told you, I absolutely love the whole CD, but a few tracks made me feel aspired and so good. "Bad Boyfriend", "Metal Heart", and "Run Baby Run" are ones that really get stuck in your head, especially "Run Baby Run". The chorus jitters some old school and a very pretentious Shirley, saying: "Run from the noise of the street and the loaded gun, too late for solutions to solve in the setting sun." I especially love that line in the song, and I promise you, that will be stuck in your head all day like a good sex trip (not that I can say for sure about that, hahaha).
The rest of the interview included some commentaries for local bands and for our companies to design ideas. Make sure to keep listening to the radio's and request the new single, plus VH1 and other stations will be adding the video in by next week. Please keep an eye out and vote for them!
Through my company, a interview with David Grohl was made for a radio interview in the Los Angeles and New York City area, which should be hitting radio stations at the end of March. Most of the interview was mainly about the upcoming Foo Fighters album, then he was asked about the new Garbage album "Bleed Like Me". Mike is our leading distributor who interviewed him.
Mike: So Dave, we all know you are a all around awesome guy, we would like to know how was it working with Butch Vig and Garbage?
Dave: It was amazing, utterly fantastic! Butch called me up and asked to listen to a song, and asked me to go into the studio and do some "anonymous" drumming for him. It really took about 2 hours to finish it and it sounds f*cking awesome!
Mike: Any favorite lyrics from the [Bad Boyrfriend] song?
Dave: I don't have a favorite, there is a part where she wails "It's wild the way you tease me, it's wild the way you free me". She really nailed it.
The other parts are about the new NIN album and his plans for his new record and the tour. Clips of this interview will be flowing through radio stations throught LA and NYC at the end of March. Please listen in to your rock/alternative radio stations, and keep voting for "Why Do You Love Me"!
New tour dates for the USA and Canada have been announced on the new Garbage website, here are the listings they listed so far:
Warfield in San Francisco, CA on April 10th
Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA on April 14th
TLA in Philadelphia, PA on April 16th
Metropolis in Montreal, QUE on April 24th
State Theatre in Detroit, MI on April 27th
Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI on April 28th
Orpheum Theatre in Madison, WI on May 1st
If you join the official Garbage website you can get these on pre-sale, with better seats and some promotional items they give away during the tours. Also, the video for "Why Do You Love Me" will be in rotation on MTV and VH1 (Fuse and MTV2 as well) Should be nearing Mid-March, as the single nears it's release. Official dates are yet to be announced.
Garbage was made "Survivor of the Day" on g106.3 Alternative radio station. The votes were TREMENDOUSLY in favor of Garbage, 2,852 votes for Garbage, and the contender only had about 32 votes. Keep this up guys/girls, keep calling your radio disc jockeys and ask to play it. By the way, "Survivor of the Day" is always on 9:00PM EST on g106.3. Call in to make your pick, as Garbage made it through with a landslide count! Other radio stations including a Philadelphia and NYC radio station has been also playing the song.

The "Why Do You Love Me" video should be premiering in late February/Early March as a full rotation of the single will start hitting airwaves all across the nation next week. You can be sure the new video will be played on MTV, VH1, Fuse, etc. You can start requesting the new video on these sites, as that will get their attention to play it more often, plus calling your local radio stations (a lot of members did and got to hear the single) helps keep the rotation alive. Let's do our best to keep this baby going!
Hear is a clip of the new single "Why Do You Love Me", played on g106.3 and also on 91.x, rotation of the new single will hit airwaves next week, and this will definetly be a big rock and alternative hit, so please call all the radio station jocks and request the song!
New tour dates are announced for the UK. One being in France on March 29, 2005 in the Olympia theatre, and one being on June 09, 2005 in the Brixton Academy venue. To order your tickets, sign up at the Garbage website to get the pre-sale tickets.

The new interim site for the official Garbage website is now up. If you join with a annual membership of only $19.95, you'll be able to access the members area of the site, including some behind the scenes pictures and audio clips, and some videos as well. Check it out now! Also, WDYLM was played last night on a popular alternative station, g106.3. They gave an announcement of the new album and a date it will be played in its current rotation, which is February 21. Keep an ear out and call in your local radio stations to get the disc jockeys to play the song!
XM Radio played the newest single from "Bleed Like Me" called "Why Do You Love Me" as a special newcomer edition. As it's known, it was only played once, but heavy rotation of the new single will be hitting airwaves very soon, please call and e-mail your local radio stations to get listings of the date release and see if they will play it for you. Also it was played on Digital IO Alternative station, and Comcast, but it was also known to play once in rotation.
The new single (at least part of it) was played during the introduction when Shirley was about to present the award. She got kinda confused at first on what to say, but she did however come out with a bang, a clip of Why Do You Love Me was played during her entrance. Click the avatar and you can hear a sample of the chorus. Thanks to Querelle for the sample clip from the official Garbage Message Boards.
Shirley was a presenter at this years British Awards. She was presenting for best British Group. Shirley was said to be hanging out with PJ Harvey and Franz Fernidad. The show was aired yesterday, and will air tonight on UK television at 8PM. Also, new tour dates will be announced soon as the record is coming nearer, likely more UK dates, and a Fall 2005 USA tour should follow.
Recent talks with an exec engineer from Geffen, said "Garbage should be in LA finishing up the video for "Why Do You Love Me". No more video shoots, more editing and other assortments are now being done to the video" he said. He said that the video should be in circulating the TV circuits around late February and we should see an airing of it around March 7th. The confirmed date is not set, but it is likely we should see it around early March.
The radio release of the first single called "Why Do You Love Me" is expected to be released sometime in mid February, possibly the week of Valentines Day. For some people who have not heard the new single, all I can say for now is that it has what everyone wanted, rock, electro, and dark spilling riffs that will tickle your fancy. The single "Why Do You Love Me" will hit stores on March 28th, 2005. The video for "Why Do You Love Me" can be expected to hit music stations between late February to Mid March, depending on editing. And of course, Bleed Like Me, the full album, comes out April 11th (UK) via Warner, and April 12th (USA) via Geffen Records.
On January 31, 2005, the video shoot for the newest single (Why Do You Love Me)to be released from the album "Bleed Like Me" was shot in Los Angeles California. Garbage, for the first time since their 10 year run, had asked fans prior to that date to come and join in the video. About 70-80 were picked by process of elimination, and were able to see and talk with the band. From what members explained on the official Garbage Forum, the set was in a factory warehouse, and the shoot was in a bar/party scene. Those lucky members who got picked also go to hear the newest single "Why Do You Love Me". On my listen through work, I must say the newest single will wow a lot of Garbage fans and others alike. Very heavy guitar riffs and also has that Garbage edge with the lyrics and vocals. Stay tuned to your radio stations this February, by mid-February we should have the single hitting airwaves. Call in and e-mail them!