Error in Newsweek Magazine’s ‘America’s Best High Schools’ Ranking

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McKINNEY – On Monday, May 21, 2007, Newsweek magazine released its annual ranking of "America’s Best High Schools,” based on the 2006 Advanced Placement exam data. Each school received an index score, determined by dividing the number of AP exams administered by the number of graduating seniors. Also included in the list are the percentage of students receiving subsidized lunches, and the Excellence and Equity (E&E) percentage (the percentage of graduating seniors who scored at least a "3" on one or more exams during their high school years). 


When Newsweek published the rankings the District immediately noticed an error. Newsweek ascribed the data for McKinney High School to McKinney North High School. Furthermore, McKinney High School was not listed in the ranking of the 1,200 schools. In the listing published, McKinney North High School is ranked as #185, but the data and that ranking should be attributed to McKinney High School. In addition, McKinney North High School should have been included in the ranking, and would have likely ranked somewhere in the range of #220 and #230. 


“The methodology for the rankings is not at all comprehensive, and indicates only two or three factors out of dozens that should be considered when assessing the quality of a school,” said Cody Cunningham, McKinney ISD Assistant to the Superintendent for Communications. “That being said, the schools would perform exceptionally well under this comparison, if they were to use the appropriate data for the two schools. Both schools should be extremely proud.”


McKinney High School

Index (AP exams taken/graduating seniors)--2.659

U.S. Rank - #185

Subsidized lunch--27%

Excellence and Equity (E&E – scored a “3” or more on AP exams)--42.8%


McKinney North High School

Index (AP exams taken/graduating seniors)--2.509

U.S. Rank—approx. #220 - #230

Subsidized lunch--16%

Excellence and Equity (E&E – scored a “3” or more on AP exams)--26.8%


The District regrets that both schools were not appropriately honored, and that disappointments have occurred as a result of this error. McKinney ISD is very proud of the Advanced Program at both high schools and would like them to receive the recognition they deserve. District officials have contacted Newsweek magazine to inform them of the mistake and to inquire about means of rectifying the error. The publication has confirmed it will update its online rankings within the next several days.


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